Ever wondered why your skin feels softer on certain days, or why your hair seems to grow thicker after some hair appointments? Well, some believe that the moon has an influence on this! Followers of the beauty lunar calendar believe that certain activities are better suited for specific moon phases, and they plan their rituals accordingly. With a little bit of timing, you can harness the positive energy of the moon for your beauty routine. 

Facial Masks, Peels, and More

when to plan facials according to the beauty lunar calendar

Radiant skin is the number one indicator of health and attractiveness. Therefore, proper skincare is essential for a glowing complexion! According to the beauty lunar calendar, days when the moon is in Capricorn are considered a secret weapon for facial masks and peels. These days are believed to enhance the effectiveness of treatments and give you a natural glow. However, our largest organ is complex, so different moon phases are recommended for different desired results.

Tackling Skin Issues Effectively

If you’re dealing with skin issues like acne, mark the days of the waning moon on your beauty lunar calendar. During this time, the body is excellent at getting rid of pimples, blackheads, and toxins of all kinds. This is when healing creams, anti-acne patches, or facial steams work their magic. Afterward, your skin can finally breathe and recover.

Revitalize Your Skin

If your skin needs nourishing creams or a bit of tightening, the waxing moon is better suited for the job. During this time, the body is more receptive after the new moon, allowing it to absorb and process the substances you apply, which means moisture and anti-aging creams should be in your shopping cart.

Dealing with Cellulite

Everyone knows about cellulite, but not everyone is friends with it. However, it’s perfectly normal, especially as you age. If you want to firm up your skin a bit, consider trying alternating showers or brush massages during the waning moon in the signs of Libra or Sagittarius, as they are said to be hot tips for addressing cellulite. You can also try this anti-cellulite treatment with pineapple.

Cutting Hair According to the Beauty Lunar Calendar

woman gets a haircut according to the moon calendar

Following the moon calendar for haircuts has been considered age-old wisdom. Certain days are believed to make your hair grow stronger after a trim. These days are Leo and Virgo days. So, it’s advisable to schedule your hair appointments around these dates, if you want to enjoy a luscious mane.

On the flip side, Pisces days are said to be less favorable for haircuts, potentially leading to increased dandruff, which is definitely not a desirable outcome after a trip to the hair salon. Cancer days aren’t particularly great for getting a new hairstyle, either, as they may make your hair more unruly. You can read more about the lunar haircut calendar 2023 in this post.

Hair Color, Styling, and Care

Thinking of a makeover? Typically, it’s recommended to go to the hairdresser during the waxing moon, as your hair is believed to grow faster during this time. However, for chic bobs, bangs, or short hairstyles, it’s best to schedule your appointment during the waning moon to avoid frequent touch-ups and keep your style intact.

But just as diverse as hairstyles and colors can be, they require different treatment approaches. Here are some tips to ensure your styling endeavors are successful:

  • Perm enthusiasts should opt for Virgo rather than Leo days to visit the hair salon, as it’s believed to prevent your hairstyle from becoming frizzy and unruly. On Virgo days, your curls will turn out beautifully smooth and supple.
  • If you wash your hair daily, consider taking a break on water days when the moon is in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer. Many people notice increased dandruff or unruly hair after washing on these days.
  • Cleansing hair treatments are highly effective during the waning moon. However, if you want to promote hair growth with a nourishing treatment, the waxing moon is the way to go.
  • For a fresh color, Gemini or Aquarius days are ideal. On these days, your hair is believed to absorb dyes and tints better, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting results.

Perfectly Styled Nails

Nail care is particularly effective during the waning moon according to the beauty lunar calendar (1)

If you want to impress with strong and beautiful nails, align your nail salon appointment with the moon calendar. Nail care is particularly effective during the waning moon. For extra precision, choose a day when the moon is in Capricorn, as this is believed to ensure a successful manicure and pedicure.

Effortless Hair Removal

Whether it’s plucking eyebrows or waxing your legs, after hair removal, you want your hair to grow back as slowly as possible. The beauty lunar calendar can help with that too. Primarily, the waning moon is considered ideal for removing body hair. Afterward, your hair should not only grow back more slowly but also finer. Once again, the Capricorn day is a hot tip, as it is believed to slow down hair growth. Here are the best dates for hair removal in 2023.

A Relaxing Massage

full moon is best for a massage according to the beauty lunar calendar

Not all massages are created equal! Depending on whether the treatment aims to strengthen or relax, the moon calendar recommends different times:

  • For regenerative and strengthening massages, the waxing moon is the perfect time. During this period, the body absorbs building substances exceptionally well.
  • If the goal is relaxation, muscle relief, or detoxification, it’s better to schedule the massage during the waning moon or full moon.

Beauty Lunar Calendar: Tips for Each Moon Phase

different moon phases from the lunar calendar explained

As the moon orbits the Earth, it goes through various phases, each affecting our bodies differently and favoring certain rituals. Here’s a quick overview of what works best during each moon phase:

New Moon: Cleanse and Detoxify

The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and symbolizes new beginnings and purification. It’s no surprise that it supports detoxifying rituals such as baths, juice cleanses, or sauna sessions. Reflexology foot massages for detoxification can also be successful during this time. By the way, any new activities started during the New Moon are said to have good outcomes, so it might be time to pick up a new hobby!

Waxing Moon: Nourish and Strengthen

During this phase, the body readily absorbs and stores everything you provide, focusing on strengthening. Therefore, nourishing aromatherapy oil massages, intensive skincare routines, or healing salves are ideal. Vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are also well absorbed during this moon phase, but unfortunately, the same goes for chocolate and similar treats.

how to use the positive energy of the moon

Full Moon: Relax and Find Balance

Many people notice that they feel a bit irritable during the Full Moon and might have trouble sleeping. Anything that promotes relaxation is allowed and appreciated during this time. Anti-stress body lotions, soothing baths with essential oils, and regenerating massages are considered optimal. A few measures for inner balance, like yoga or meditation, can’t hurt either.

Waning Moon: Free and Relieve

During this phase, the body is particularly willing to rid itself of toxins. Therefore, deep cleansing is on the agenda. Steam baths, cleansing masks, or even diets can be successful during this time. If you don’t already own an epilator, now might be the time to get one, as the waning moon is believed to minimize pain.

So, if you want to treat your body to an all-around feel-good program, it’s a good idea to occasionally consult the moon calendar for health and beauty. Knowing which phase the moon is in can help you make the most of your beauty rituals. At the very least, it’s worth giving it a try.

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