Wondering when to snip your locks, embark on a health journey, or give your leafy friends a new home? Look no further than the Lunar Calendar for January 2024. It spills the beans on the optimal times for these activities. And that’s not all – you’ll discover nutritional advice and recipes perfectly aligned with the moon’s position.

For millennia, people have turned to the wonders of nature and celestial phenomena when making decisions in daily life. The moon and its cycles, in particular, have always been handy guides to pinpoint the perfect time for various activities.

Full Moon and New Moon in January 2024

On average, there’s a full moon every 29 days, as the cycle of new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon takes about 29 days. That’s the time the moon needs to orbit the Earth once.

Full Moon in January 2024
The first full moon of 2024 will grace us on Thursday, January 11th.
New Moon in January 2024
The next new moon will arrive on Thursday, January 25th.

Zodiac Signs and Astrological Signs

The moon calendar assigns three zodiac signs to each of the elements: water, earth, fire, and air – not to be confused with astronomical constellations! When the moon enters one of these zodiac signs, it activates its element, staying there for two to three days before moving on.

Water: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your Lunar Calendar: January 2024

january 2024 moon phases for beauty and haircut

Monday, January 1st, Virgo
Happy New Year starting under the sign of Virgo, representing reliability and initiative. Combat body acidity with alkaline powder (like baking soda) in your bathwater. Fennel is a delightful vegetable with antioxidant properties, whether thinly sliced in a salad or sautéed as a side. Clearing conversations in partnerships set the tone for a great start to the year.

Tuesday, January 2nd, Virgo
Massages and detoxifying baths work wonders. How about a few days of fasting after the festive indulgence? A fiber-rich menu, possibly raw food with little salt, is great. These days are perfect for dusting, vacuuming, beating carpets, handling bureaucratic matters, and sorting out finances. Repot and fertilize houseplants.

Wednesday, January 3rd, Libra
Moon power brings relaxation, relieves tension, and aids detoxification. Our tip: Eat some sauerkraut and drink plenty of clear water. Keep the bladder and kidneys warm as they are more sensitive than usual. Dance-based exercises keep you fit, activate various brain regions, and release happy hormones. Ideal for dry cleaning and window washing.

Thursday, January 4th, Libra
Ensure a healthy indoor climate through regular ventilation. Outdoor activities are also healthy and essential. Balance exercises improve posture, coordination, and prevent falls. How about trying yoga? Perfect for dyeing or toning hair. Teas and detox treatments yield good results for purging and cleansing.

Friday, January 5th, Libra
Pelvic floor training is highly effective and a good prevention against bladder weakness. Use high-quality oils; fats are well utilized. After lunch, mainly consisting of flowering vegetables, the moon enters Scorpio, influencing the reproductive organs and the immune system. Water the plants!

Saturday, January 6th, Scorpio
Hypothermia can lead to urinary tract infections faster now; sitz baths are very effective for women’s issues. Chewing pumpkin seeds is healthy and also prevents prostate problems. Biologically produced carbohydrates, leafy vegetables, and salads should dominate the holiday menu. Simple and delicious is red cabbage with roasted potatoes.

Sunday, January 7th, Scorpio
Swimming, water aerobics, sauna, steam bath, or massages are highly recommended, but caution is advised as colds are more common now. Scorpio energy intensifies the desire for profound experiences. Ideal for painting, playing music, meditations, and contemplative celebrations. Water the houseplants!

Monday, January 8th, Sagittarius
Gymnastics and stretching exercises, especially for the legs, are more effective now. Ideal for lymphatic drainage and detoxifying baths, as well as all household cleaning: the effects last longer, and tasks become easier. Prune fruit trees, shrubs, and grapevines. Time to express yourself.

Tuesday, January 9th, Sagittarius
The moon directs its forces towards thighs and veins. During ski tours, avoid overestimating your strengths. Fatigue and cramps occur more frequently; the risk of colds is higher, and the sciatic nerve is more easily irritated than usual. Great for shedding baggage. The Sagittarius moon helps break free from restrictive relationships.

Wednesday, January 10th, Capricorn
The focus of lunar power is on the skin and musculoskeletal system. Ointments, compresses, and rubs are more effective for joint complaints now. Minerals and vitamins are well absorbed, favoring root vegetables, beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, or celery on the menu. Descale kitchen appliances, bake bread, vacuum, or mop.

Thursday, January 11th, Capricorn
NEW MOON: Time for a change of residence, new furnishings, or rearranging furniture. The new moon favors anything that needs renewal, whether in career or partnership. It also helps realize resolutions and break bad habits. The new moon should always be a day of fasting – a day of reflection and letting go.

Friday, January 12th, Aquarius
Regular running, massages, and stretching exercises keep your legs in shape, especially the calves, ankles, and veins are more sensitive now. In the kitchen, let flowering vegetables dominate today and tomorrow: artichokes, cauliflower, Romanesco, or broccoli. Oils are well absorbed. Time for travels, excursions, and nurturing friendships.

Saturday, January 13th, Aquarius
Light heals the soul, they say. On Aquarius days, extensive walks and hikes are especially recommended. Avoid prolonged standing if you have vein problems. Leg showers and vein creams are now more efficient. Dye or color your hair! Time to travel, engage in creative work, or make future plans.

Sunday, January 14th, Pisces
On Pisces days, treat your feet well, whether with a pampering footbath or a massage. The risk of addiction is higher, medications are more potent. Sprouts can be easily grown on the windowsill. Sprouts like cress, radishes, broccoli, arugula, or other vegetables are perfect as raw snacks, on buttered bread, or mixed into salads.

Monday, January 15th, Pisces
Moisturizing creams and nourishing face masks yield good results. Avoid washing or cutting your hair today. Leafy vegetables and carbohydrates are well absorbed. Have you ever tried a quiche with leeks and smoked salmon? The Pisces moon brings reflection, often a bit melancholic. Water the houseplants.

Tuesday, January 16th, Aries
Head and neck massages, gymnastics, or strength training are recommended. Strengthen your immune system with Kneipp therapies, plenty of exercise, and healthy eating. Fruits and fruit vegetables are in demand, but also beans, lentils, or local fish, as protein is well processed. And an old saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Wednesday, January 17th, Aries
The moon directs its forces to the head, eyes, and nose, increasing the risk of migraines. Good time for eye exercises, invigorating care, and massages, especially in the hair and face areas. Eyebright compresses and drops help against burning eyes and the associated foreign body sensation. Time to tackle and overcome obstacles.

Thursday, January 18th, Aries
Engaging in sports to improve well-being is always a good idea; it also strengthens your defenses. In the morning, the moon enters Taurus; teeth, throat, thyroid, and ears are more sensitive. Go easy on salt and compensate for vitamin D deficiency with medication to get through winter in good health.

Friday, January 19th, Taurus
Take care of your throat and vocal cords, and don’t forget your hat or scarf; you’re more sensitive and more prone to catching a cold. Noise is perceived more unpleasantly now. The skin absorbs healing ointments and nourishing creams better. Correct ingrown nails now. Time for shopping, budget planning, and a cozy dinner for two.

Saturday, January 20th, Taurus
The waxing moon builds up and strengthens. Salts and supplements are absorbed very well. Root vegetables should be preferred for the menu: beets, potatoes, parsnips, or celery. How about a sauerkraut soup? It’s a delicious vitamin boost in the cold season. Sauna also strengthens the immune system!

Sunday, January 21st, Gemini
Taking in oxygen and light strengthens resistance and improves mood. Ointments, packs, wraps, and medications work optimally; aphrodisiac baths can beautify your Sunday. Cooking in line with the moon, opt for flowering vegetables. A pasta with fresh, finely chopped artichokes is simple and delicious, with good olive oil in the salad.

Monday, January 22nd, Gemini
Weight training and gymnastics in the arm and shoulder area are more efficient now. If you dye or tone your hair, the color appears more brilliant. Fats are well processed. Cook and marinate, if possible, with high-quality plant oils. Pastries are now particularly fluffy. A good time for learning; vocabulary is easier to remember now.

Tuesday, January 23rd, Cancer
You may feel more sensitive overall and look forward to a cozy bath, perhaps with the addition of various fragrant herbs. Alternating showers, Kneipp affusions, cold or warm compresses are very effective. Neither wash nor cut your hair. Dietary mistakes have more unfavorable effects now. Water the houseplants.

Wednesday, January 24th, Cancer
Postpone vaccinations or planned surgeries until after the full moon. Moisture packs and creams are particularly effective. Don’t wash or cut your hair. Prefer light foods, many salads, preferably with bitter substances. Water the flowers! Not a good day for traveling or moving; children are especially clingy.

Thursday, January 25th, Cancer
FULL MOON: During a full moon, gaining weight is even easier; light meals or a fast day would be sensible. Let the day flow a bit quieter; listen to your intuition. Good for weaning! Sleep disturbances are more common, and people often appear irritable and moody during the day. On the farm, a good day for slaughter, as the meat is juicier now.

Friday, January 26th, Leo
The Leo moon directs its power to the heart and circulation; palpitations and sleepless nights are not uncommon. Avoid overexertion. Ideal time for hair care. Protein is well processed; pay attention to high-quality organic quality, especially when it comes to meat – cheap isn’t always healthy. Good for baking and window cleaning.

Saturday, January 27th, Leo
The haircut makes the hair slowly but vigorously regrow. Good for baking and dry cleaning. The Italian bean and pasta stew “Pasta e Fagioli” is delicious and suits the cold weather. In general, be mindful of the origin of food; cheap goods are often produced under questionable conditions and may not be healthy.

Sunday, January 28th, Virgo
Bundle up, the risk of catching a cold is slightly higher. Avoid cold drinks and heavy, fatty foods because the digestive system is more sensitive. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and go easy on the seasoning. The day is perfect for pampering yourself, having clarifying conversations, and making yourself comfortable at home.

Monday, January 29th, Virgo
You feel the cold more intensely these days. Purging massages and treatments are beneficial. Ideal time for the dentist, for root canal treatments and implants. Remove warts! Bitter salads and herbs are beneficial as they stimulate fat digestion. Vacuum the upholstered furniture. A good time to set up a savings plan and plan a trip.

Tuesday, January 30th, Virgo
In the morning, smooth surfaces, windows, tiles, screens, and parquet floors can be cleaned well and sustainably. Later, the moon enters the zodiac sign Libra. Broccoli, artichokes, or cauliflower are ideal for the menu, and occasionally, an oil change is worthwhile. Rapeseed oil, linseed oil, and sunflower oil are among the healthiest plant oils.

Wednesday, January 31st, Libra
Lunar power is directed towards the bladder and kidneys. Teas for these organs work especially well. Hip area gymnastics and balance training are very efficient. An ideal time for cleaning windows or large smooth surfaces; the effect lasts longer. Favorable for social events and parties; new contacts are easier to make.

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