The moon is one of the most fascinating celestial bodies, right up there with the sun. It’s not just its influence on our annual cycles or the ebb and flow of tides that captures our imagination. Here, you’ll discover the intriguing spiritual significance that the moon has held in astrology for decades and how versatile it is as a tattoo motif. Plus, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for your Moon Tattoo .

Moonstruck: Unveiling the Lunar Mystery

small half moon tattoo behind ear

The moon takes a cool 29.5 days to do a full spin on itself. But its phases aren’t just about messing with our calendars; plenty of folks believe it stirs up their bio-rhythms. According to the astrological moon calendar, there are even moon phases where you’re not supposed to dye or cut your hair, and many folks swear they get sleepless nights when the moon’s at its fullest. Whether you buy into it or not, life on Earth as we know it wouldn’t be the same without our celestial buddy, Mr. Moon.

Moon Tattoo: More than Meets the Eye

moon phases tattoo perfect for womens back

There’s something undeniably dark and mystical about the moon.

Here are 5 moon facts that will leave you starry-eyed:

  • Only 12 humans have ever set foot on the moon.
  • The moon’s surface can sizzle at a scorching 130 degrees Celsius.
  • It’s the quietest place you’ll never hear about; sound waves don’t travel there.
  • The moon’s surface is roughly the size of Africa and Europe combined.
  • Neil Armstrong’s footprint is still there, thanks to the moon’s complete lack of winds.

crescent moon tattoo on wrist

In astrology, the moon represents a person’s nature and a window to the soul. Its significance is always seen in contrast to the sun, which stands for a person’s mentality and self-confidence. Together, they’re like cosmic siblings. The moon plays a pivotal role in Greek mythology as well, with three moon goddesses – Hekate, Selene, and Artemis – reflecting the three phases of the moon (waxing, full, and waning), symbolizing birth, fulfillment, and decline.

The Moon’s Significance in Astrology:

  • The soul and the unconscious
  • Change and transformation
  • Fertility
  • Romance and daydreams
  • Instinctual connection
  • The feminine and the female cycle
  • Lady Luna, the seductress

Moon Phases Meaning: A Quick Guide

gold semi-permanent tattoo moon phases on arm inner side

New Moon: Spring, fresh start, growth, new beginnings, meeting new people
Waxing Moon: Summer, planning, change, solutions, dealing with conflicts, healing
Full Moon: Autumn, completion, maturity, realization, peak, visions, resolving conflicts
Waning Moon: Winter, letting go, separation, farewell, impermanence, departure, cleansing, creating order, mourning

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Moon Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

three moon phases tattoo on back

The beauty of getting a moon tattoo lies not only in its symbolism but also in its aesthetic appeal. They can range from small wrist pieces up to large full-body pieces depending on how much space you want them to take up – making them perfect for anyone looking for something special yet subtle enough not to draw too much attention away from other parts of their body art collection!

Half-Moon Tattoos

small waxing moon tattoo on wrist meaning

The half-moon is a crowd-pleaser in the world of feminine small moon tattoos. It’s also an astronomical symbol for the moon. Dotwork tattoos are especially popular in this category, featuring delicate and intricate designs.

minimalist crescent moon tattoo on wrist

The most common meaning associated with the crescent moon is femininity and fertility. This makes sense as the shape resembles a woman’s body – curved at one end and pointed at the other – which was seen by some cultures as representing both motherhood and rebirth. In addition, this shape also represents power over time (the waxing/waning cycle) or even protection from evil spirits because of its association with lunar deities such as Artemis or Diana in Greek mythology who were known to protect women during childbirth or hunt down wicked creatures like vampires!

crescent moon tattoo simple on wrist

Other meanings attributed to this symbol include strength, resilience, courage; all traits that are important when facing difficult times ahead – something we could all use more of right now! The crescent moon can also signify balance between opposing forces such as light & dark; life & death; good & bad etc., reminding us that there will always be two sides to every story but ultimately finding harmony within them is key for our own peace-of-mind too! Lastly it may just simply remind us how beautiful nature truly is: look up on any clear night sky filled with stars – you’ll never forget how small yet powerful we really are compared against its vastness…

feminine small sleeping half moon tattoo on front shoulder

minimalist crescent moon tattoo on ribs

Feminine small crescent moon tattoo on wrist

Full Moon Tattoo

full moon tattoo on hand

The full moon can be integrated into various scenes or combined with other animal tattoos that hold special meaning for you, creating a narrative that’s uniquely yours.

Moon Phases Tattoo Meaning

phases of moon meaning female tattoo

If you’re a believer in the significance of moon phases and want to showcase the cycle of waxing and waning, a moon phase tattoo is a gorgeous option. You can wear it as a stylish adornment on your neck, back, décolletage, or chest.

phases of moon on back

moon cycle phases tattoo on arm

small moon cycle tattoo on shoulder

Sun and Moon Tattoos

sun and moon shoulder tattoo and feathers

The most common interpretation is that the sun and moon represent balance. The two celestial bodies are in constant opposition to each other; one is bright while the other is dark, they take turns ruling over day and night. When combined into one image, they become a reminder that there must always be harmony between lightness and darkness in order for life to exist harmoniously.

sun and moon matching tattoos on arm inner side

Another popular meaning behind this design has to do with duality or opposites coming together as one whole unit despite their differences – such as male/female energies or good/evil forces working together towards an ultimate goal instead of against each other like so often happens in our world today. It can also signify finding peace within yourself by embracing both your strengths & weaknesses without judgement or criticism from others (or even yourself).

moon sun and eye tattoo on ribs

Lastly, some people believe that having this type of artwork on their body will help them find strength during times when everything seems out-of-balance due to external influences beyond their control – allowing them to stay centered no matter what’s going on around them because ultimately it all comes down to how we choose to respond rather than react!

Moon and Saturn Tattoo

moon and saturn tattoo on wrist

Connection to the Celestial Bodies: The moon and Saturn are celestial bodies that hold significant symbolism in various cultures and belief systems. The moon often represents femininity, intuition, emotions, and cycles of life, while Saturn symbolizes discipline, wisdom, authority, and the passage of time. A tattoo combining these two symbols can represent a connection to the cosmic forces and the balance between feminine and masculine energies.

Transformation and Growth: The moon is associated with transformation and change, as it goes through different phases. Saturn, on the other hand, represents discipline and the process of growth through challenges and obstacles. A tattoo of the moon and Saturn can symbolize personal growth, resilience, and the ability to navigate through life’s ups and downs.

Balance and Harmony: The moon and Saturn can also represent the balance between opposing forces. The moon represents the yin energy (feminine, receptive), while Saturn represents the yang energy (masculine, active). Together, they symbolize the harmony and integration of these energies within oneself.

Spiritual Journey: The moon is often associated with spirituality, intuition, and the subconscious mind, while Saturn represents wisdom and self-reflection. A tattoo of the moon and Saturn can symbolize a spiritual journey, self-discovery, and the pursuit of inner wisdom.

Moon Goddess / Fairy Tattoo

moon goddess sitting on half moon tattoo

This type of tattoo design has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its strong symbolism and connection with nature. It is often associated with femininity, fertility, protection from harm and a deep spiritual connection with the moon. The fairy within this tattoo can represent innocence or an inner strength that helps guide us through life’s challenges.

The meaning behind this unique design varies depending on who wears it, but generally speaking it symbolizes one’s own personal journey towards enlightenment as well as their relationship between themselves and nature. It could also be seen as a reminder of our need for balance – both internally (mind & body) externally (with other people). Additionally, some believe that having a Moon Goddess/Fairy Tattoo will bring luck in love affairs or help them find true love when they least expect it!

Lunar Eclipse Tattoo Meaning

lunar eclipse tattoo meaning dotwork

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon, blocking out some or all of its light. This event has been seen as a sign of transformation throughout history, and it’s often used to represent our own inner journeys in life.

A lunar eclipse tattoo is a great way to express your personal growth and development over time. It can symbolize new beginnings, changes in perspective, or even overcoming obstacles that have held you back from reaching your goals. The moon itself is also associated with intuition and emotionality – so this type of tattoo could be an outward expression of those feelings too!

Moon and Star Tattoo meaning

moon and star tattoo meaning

The moon is often associated with intuition, femininity, fertility and mystery – all qualities that can be incredibly empowering for those who choose to wear this symbol on their body. Meanwhile, the stars are seen as symbols of hope or ambition; reminders that anything is possible if we put our minds to it! Together, these two elements make up an inspiring reminder of what we can achieve when we trust in ourselves.

Black Moon Tattoo meaning

black moon tattoo on wrist

This unique design symbolizes many different things, such as protection, strength and mystery. It can also represent the dark side of life or even death itself.

The Black Moon is often seen in tattoos that feature animals like wolves or ravens to represent strength and courage in times of adversity. Others may use it to express their inner darkness or sorrows they have experienced throughout their lives. No matter what your motivation is for getting this type of tattoo, it’s certain to make an impactful statement about who you are and where you come from!

This mysterious symbol has been around since ancient times, but its meaning has changed over time depending on who was using it at any given time period. For example, some cultures believed that having a black moon tattoo would bring good luck, while others thought bad luck could come with this particular design choice!

Moon and Wave tattoo meaning

moon and wave tattoo meaning

The moon has long been associated with femininity, intuition, cycles of life, and mystery. Similarly waves represent emotions such as calmness or turbulence depending on their size; they can also be seen to signify change or transition in life’s journey. Together these two symbols create an image that speaks volumes about our relationship with nature and how we navigate through its ever-changing tides both figuratively speaking but also literally for those who love being near water!

Moon & wave tattoos are perfect for anyone looking to express their inner strength while still embracing a sense of serenity within themselves – something which many people strive towards in today’s hectic world! Whether you choose one symbol over the other or opt for them both together this design will always remind you that no matter what comes your way there is always hope at the end of each stormy sea if only we remember to stay true ourselves during times when things seem uncertain.

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