Are you looking for a way to update your hairstyle without making too much of a commitment? Then the colorful money piece hair trend might be just what you need. This look is all about adding bright, bold colors to your natural locks, and it’s totally customizable. You can choose whatever color palette suits your style best, and add as many or as few pieces of colored hair as you’d like. Not only will this give an eye-catching splash of color, but it’ll also help draw attention away from any grays or roots that are starting to show up between salon visits.

Have some fun with colorful money piece hair!

red money piece on black hair

It’s a quick fix, doesn’t put much strain on your hair, frames your face beautifully, and won’t break the bank. So, it’s no surprise that the Money Piece became a trend in 2020. Need a little beauty vocabulary refresher? We’re talking about two lighter-colored strands right at the front of your hair. The range goes from “barely distinguishable from your natural hair tone” to “bright white in front, deep black in the back.” Celebrities like Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Kylie Jenner have all rocked this hairstyle.

The name Money Piece refers to the minimal effort required at the hair salon, so minimal that theoretically, you could pay for it with a few coins. It’s a major transformation for a minor investment.

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Rainbow-ing It Up

girl with chocolate brown long hair with pastel pink money pieces

Right on time for summer, we’re seeing these cool streaks pop up again, but this time in all the colors of the rainbow. From gray to red, pink to teal, you name it, it’s there, adding a splash of color to your potentially rainy July.

Adding More Color the Easy Way

grey money piece on black hair

The advantage over other color trends is pretty clear: Committing to dyeing two pastel-pink strands is about as intense as going all out on a full-head dye job. The time and risk factor involved in bleaching are minimal.

And if you decide the shade isn’t your thing, you can pretty easily go back to your original hair color. Plus, even the brunettes among us finally get the chance to experiment with pastels or light shades without sacrificing several hundred bucks and a load of healthy hair to an extensive bleaching process (Barbie blonde, for example).

Bonus for all you naturally light-haired folks: You can even create and maintain this look with hair chalk, mascara, or spray until your next wash. But for long-lasting results, your hairstylist is the safer bet.

Cool examples of colorful money pieces

Pink money piece on blonde hair

Rose gold money piece on dark brown hair


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Green and blue money pieces

Purple money pieces on grey hair

Hot pink highlights on dark hair


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Orange money piece highlights on blonde hair


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