Hey brunette ladies! Are you looking for a new hair color that will turn heads? If so, then you should consider the trend of brown hair with blonde money piece. This look is becoming increasingly popular and has been seen on many celebrities.

What is a money piece?

teenager girl with dark brown hair with warm blonde money piece on the front

But what exactly is a money piece, why is it called that, and why should you try it? A money piece is when lighter highlights are added to the front sections of your hair, usually framing your face. The effect creates an eye-catching contrast between darker base color and brighter accents around your face – making it stand out in all the right ways!

short brown hair with blonde money piece

One great benefit of this style is that it looks amazing on almost any skin tone or facial shape, as well as being easy to maintain with regular trims every few months or so. Plus, if done correctly by a professional stylist who knows how to blend colors properly without creating harsh lines – this look can be incredibly flattering for everyone!

Different types of money pieces

balayage on brown hair with blonde money piece

There are many different types of money pieces available, so it’s important to find one that works best with your individual preferences and hair type. So what kind of money piece should you choose? Here is an overview of some popular options:

  • Bright blonde money pieces will give you an edgy look with lots of contrast. They look especially good on dark brown hair.
  • Caramel blonde money pieces offer something more subtle, are a good option for people who want to add a bit of warmth and dimension to their hair. This type of money pieces look good on all shades of brown hair.
  • Honey blonde is a warm, golden color that provide depth to chocolate brown hair.
  • Money piece with highlights – If you already have highlights in your hair, you can add a money piece to frame your face. This is a great way to enhance your existing highlights and make them more noticeable.
  • Money piece with balayage – If you want a more natural-looking money piece, you can ask your stylist for a balayage money piece. Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique that creates a soft, blended effect.  It’s great for adding dimension without making drastic changes in color or length.

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subtle blonde money piece highlights on brown hair

How to choose the right blonde money piece for you

brown hair with blonde underneath and money piece

Here are a few additional things to consider when choosing the right money piece for you:

First and foremost, it’s important to think about your skin tone when selecting the right money piece for you. If your complexion is fair, opt for something lighter and brighter; if it’s dark, go with something subtle in a darker shade. Additionally, take into account the color of your eyes when choosing – cool blonde tones work best on blue or green eyes, while warm blonde tones look great on brown or hazel ones.

How to get a blonde money piece at home vs. at the salon

caramel money piece on chocolate brown hair

Let’s break down some of the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide which is best for you.

At-Home Money Piece: Doing a money piece at home may be more affordable than going to the salon, but it requires skill, patience, and practice in order to achieve an even result without creating any damage. You will need all of your own tools (including scissors) as well as professional grade products such as bleach or dye if necessary. Additionally, since this style involves bleaching sections of hair very close together — which can cause serious damage if done incorrectly — you must make sure that everything is done properly in order for it not only look good but also remain healthy over time!

brown hair with blonde balayage and money piece

Salon Money Piece: Getting a professional stylist do your money piece has its advantages too; they have experience with these types of styles, so they know exactly what needs doing in order to ensure an even result without damaging any strands unnecessarily, along with being able to use their expertise to mix up colors/tones perfectly suited just right for you. The downside however may be costlier depending on where u live & how experienced your stylist is.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference whether u feel comfortable enough doing this yourself or want someone else to handle the job.

Maintenance tips for brown hair with a blonde money piece

light brown hair with thin blonde money pieces

How to have beautiful brown locks with a stunningly vibrant money piece all year round? To keep your hair looking its best, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Use purple shampoo and conditioner to keep your blonde bright without any brassiness. We recommend using these products once or twice per week.
  • Additionally, get touch ups for highlights every 6-8 weeks to maintain the color of the blondes in your hair.
  • Finally, make sure you’re getting regular trims (every 4-6 weeks) to remove split ends that can cause damage over time if left untreated.

blonde money piece highlights on brown curly hair

Difference between money piece and chunky highlights

high contrast balayage money piece hair

Money pieces are thin strands of color that are strategically placed around the face to frame it and give the illusion of fullness. They often consist of lighter shades or natural colors such as blonde, honey, or red. The goal is usually to create an effortless look with subtle pops of color.

caramel money pieces on dark brown hair

Chunky highlights involve larger sections being highlighted throughout your entire head, instead of just around your face like in a money piece hairstyle. This technique is great if you want something bolder than a money piece, but still don’t want an overly dramatic change in your overall hair hue.

bright blonde chunky highlights on black hair

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