Ready for a fresh hair colour? Well, you should know your color type because not every shade suits everyone, and it could even leave you looking a bit washed out. Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter type? The key to the perfect hair colour is matching it to your unique color type!

Spring Type


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The Spring type falls under the warm color category. The complexion is typically fair and clear, but with a warm undertone, giving it a golden-yellow or peachy hue. Freckles are not uncommon, either. Typical eye colors include green, light blue to turquoise, amber, and even dark brown. Often, you’ll notice golden flecks in the iris. Spring types generally have blonde, brunette, or reddish hair, always with a golden or reddish shimmer.


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Hair Colors That Suit the Spring Type
Since Spring types naturally have a golden shimmer in their hair, warm shades like golden blonde, honey blonde, flaxen blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde, copper, or golden red work best. Also, warm light to medium brown is perfect. Avoid cool, ashy tones, as well as extremely dark shades, as they can make your face appear pale.

Summer Type


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Despite the name “Summer,” the Summer type leans towards cooler tones. The complexion is fair and delicately rosy, with a bluish to violet undertone. Typical eye colors include blue, blue-green, gray, and gray-blue. You might also find brown shades with a slight blue, gray, or green shimmer. Hair colors for the Summer type range from brown to blonde, but they always have an ashy undertone.

woman with blue eyes and cool complexion is summer type

Hair Colors That Suit the Summer Type
Ash blonde, platinum blonde, or ash brown are perfect for the cool Summer type. Red hair colors are possible too, but they should always have a bluish undertone, like Bordeaux, Cherry Red or violet. Colors like mahogany, copper, or golden blonde should be avoided, as they can make you look older.

Fall Type


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Just like Autumn boasts rich, warm colors, the Fall type follows suit. The complexion is typically tanned but can also be very fair, always with a warm, yellowish-golden, or even bronze undertone. Typical eye colors include green, green-brown, amber, or dark brown. Fall types usually have brown to red hair, ranging from light red-blond to dark mahogany.

autumn type of woman with ginger hair and freckles

Hair Colors That Suit the Fall Type
Warm brown shades, such as golden brown or chestnut, are perfect for the Fall type. If you want to go lighter, go for a golden blonde. Hair colors with warm red and copper tones also work well. Avoid ashy tones or blonde highlights, as they can look unnatural.

Winter Type


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The Winter type can either be very fair (Snow White type) with a cool undertone or dark with an olive undertone. Typical eye colors include a deep brown, gray, intense blue, or vivid green. Hair colour for the Winter type is generally medium to dark brown, black, or blue-black.

winter type of woman with dark blue short hair

Hair Colors That Suit the Winter Type
Shine-enhancing treatments or colorations in the Winter type’s natural hair colour are ideal. If you want to try something new, go for a hair colour with a bluish undertone, like aubergine or mahogany. Ashy tones also work perfectly. Winter types should avoid lightening their hair or opting for yellowish-golden shades, as they can lead to an unsuitable, reddish tone that makes the complexion appear dull.

how to know what hair colour will suit me
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What shade of blonde will suit you?

What shade of blonde will suit you

If your color type is Spring, then go for golden hues like honey and caramel to give off an effortless sun-kissed glow. For Summers, try sandy blondes with beige undertones to bring out those cool tones in your complexion. Autumns should opt for warm shades such as copper and bronze, while Winters can rock icy platinum or ash tones with ease.

What red hair would suit me?

dark red hair on woman with green eyes

For those who are Spring-type complexions, a vibrant strawberry blonde or copper shade would best suit your warm undertones and bring out the natural blush in cheeks and lips. For Summer-types, try a light golden ginger or deep mahogany tone that will complement olive skin tones perfectly. Autumns should go for rich shades like chestnut brown or burgundy, while Winters should opt for cool ruby hues that will match their blue eyes and pale skin beautifully!

Tips for Determining Your Color Type

spring type woman with blonde balayage and blue eyes

If you’re unsure about your color type or whether your skin has a warm or cool undertone, there are a few ways to figure it out:

Check the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they appear green, you have a warm undertone. If they appear bluish or violet, your undertone is cool.

The white shirt test: Wear a white T-shirt or drape a white towel around your neck and shoulders, pull your hair back, and look at your bare face in the mirror. If your complexion appears yellowish to reddish, you have a warm undertone. If it looks bluish to pink, you have a cool undertone.

Gold or silver jewelry test: Hold silver jewelry against your face. If your skin appears radiant, blue tones dominate, indicating a cool type. If gold jewelry makes your skin glow, your skin pigment has more golden elements, indicating a warm type.

For some individuals, determining the undertone isn’t straightforward, and they fall into the category of having a neutral complexion. Generally, people with a neutral undertone can pull off nearly any hair colour.

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