With these mascara tricks for women over 50, you can cheat yourself up to 10 years younger. Did you know that you can also cheat yourself a few years younger with mascara tips? Here are the hacks you should know.

We always deal with the topic of anti-aging over and over again. However, serums, creams, ampoules, and the like are not the only solution if we want a fresh and youthful appearance. In fact, we can achieve this effect with simple mascara tricks. Women over 50 especially rely on these secret hacks and manage to cheat themselves up to 10 years younger.

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3 Mascara Tricks to Make You Look Up to 10 Years Younger

how to wear mascara over 50
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Think that youthful glow can only be achieved with skincare products and visits to the beauty doc? Think again. Here are the three mascara hacks you should start embracing for a more youthful, radiant look:

  1. Focus on the Upper Lashes: Should an older woman wear mascara on bottom lashes? No. Apply your mascara exclusively to your upper lashes. This trick makes your eyes appear larger and more inviting. If you want to touch up the lower lashes, use a light hand and make sure it doesn’t get clumpy.
  2. Opt for Brown Mascara: For a more natural look, consider using brown mascara instead of black. Brown has a softer effect and can help make your eyes appear gentler and more youthful.
  3. Go Waterproof: Make sure your mascara is waterproof to prevent smudging or smearing throughout the day. A clean and fresh look automatically adds a few years to your youthful vibe.

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How do you apply mascara over 50

what color mascara for over 50
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If you’re not entirely sure how to master the art of mascara for those breathtaking eyes, we’ve got a step-by-step guide just for you:

  1. Prep Your Lashes: Start by combing your lashes with a lash brush or comb to get rid of any clumps and separate your lashes.
  2. Less is More: Dip the mascara brush and wipe off excess product on the mascara tube’s opening. Too much mascara on the brush can lead to clumps.
  3. Horizontal Strokes: Hold the mascara wand horizontally and apply the brush at the base of your upper lashes. Then, move the brush upwards in a zig-zag motion to ensure even mascara application. Make sure you reach the tips for added length and volume.
  4. Volume Booster: For more volume, gently wiggle the brush back and forth while applying mascara. This ensures better coverage for your lashes.
  5. Repeat and Match: Repeat the process for both eyes to maintain a symmetrical look.
  6. Post-Application Touch-Up: Use a clean mascara brush or lash comb to remove clumps and separate your lashes after applying mascara.
  7. Double Up: If you desire more volume and length, you can apply a second coat of mascara. Just wait for the first coat to dry to avoid clumping.

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Don’t forget to set your lashes with waterproof mascara to keep them looking fabulous all day without smudging or smearing. Enjoy those youthful, captivating eyes!

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