Makeup tips for over 50 year olds: Simple tricks to look younger!

Girls and young women want to look older through make-up. Once women get over their 40s, they usually want the opposite: a fresh, rejuvenated look. Thankfully, the right make-up products and make-up tricks can look like an affordable and quick solution. And there’s no need to book a Hollywood make-up artist: we’ve put together a few makeup tips for over 50 that will make you look a few years younger.

Makeup mistakes for 40 and over

natural makeup over 50 tips how to apply foundation

The best make-up products will not help if they are not selected and applied correctly. Even though there are more dark spots and wrinkles on your face – that does not mean that you should completely cover them up. Especially with the foundation, some women apply way too much and make it look cakey. As a result, it can also draw attention to fine lines.

Also in terms of color, it always comes back to mistakes. While blue eyeliner, pink mascara, and dark lips may look more modern to younger women, certain colors of lips and eyes at a mature age do not always appear in the best light. Nevertheless, the right lip color and a bit of shimmer to emphasize the eyes will give you an extra fresh appearance. But more about that later.

flawless makeup for over 40 beautiful women with blue eyes

Makeup rule number one for over 50: skincare first

Stop! Before you get your makeup utensils, you should know the most important rule when applying make-up for over 50 years: before all other steps necessarily apply moisturizer. If you do your makeup without it, your skin will soak up the moisture from the applied foundation and so dry spots and small wrinkles will be highlighted even more.

A well-hydrated facial skin results in a young, radiant complexion – so you should make sure that the make-up products used also add moisture. In other words, use creamy, liquid, or gel-based makeup products, and leave heavy powders on the shelf because these tend to settle in the wrinkles.

eye makeup for over 40 blue eyes

The right concealer for flawless makeup over 50

The key to rejuvenating make-up is the foundation, which provides a warm, healthy complexion. Remember: less is more. To cover spots, redness or dark circles under the eyes, you should first apply a concealer – liquid on normal and dry skin, mousse concealer with a mattifying effect on oily skin. The concealer lightens the darker spots and ensures a more even complexion.

Apply the (liquid) concealer with a slightly damp beauty blender in dots on the face and then use your fingers to spread evenly. By using this method, the foundation is diluted with water, whereas excess amounts are absorbed by the blender. The result: a uniform, naturally fresh complexion. Concealer with slightly yellowish tones is very suitable for women over 40 because the warm tone makes the skin look younger. A light gold shade helps against unwanted paleness, a pale complexion, and annoying redness and also ensures a healthy, rejuvenated look.

The right primer for over 50

Primers are among the true miracle products for women over 50. This is actually a type of primer that was originally introduced as a smoothing product. The almost colorless, light primers fill wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores and form a smoothing film on the skin. In addition, they hide redness, age spots, and other unwanted pigmentations. This ensures a natural, even complexion and lays the perfect base for further make-up products.

How to apply eye make up

eye makeup for over 50 brown eyes natural fresh look

Eyebrow makeup

For a more youthful look first, shape your eyebrows. Your eyebrows could get thinner with age, grow too bushy or turn gray. In light areas apply eyebrow pencil with precise stroking movements in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure that the color is one tone lighter than the natural hair and the shape of the brow is not like “painted”.

Those who want to trim bushy eyebrows should approach the matter with caution: too thin or undefined eyebrows make eyes and eyelids appear droopy. It is best to consult a beauty professional. If you want to do it by yourself, you should remove only the hairs outside of the bow and carefully trim only protruding brows. To get rid of gray hair, simply use a liquid eyebrow pen or get them dyed by a professional.

eye makeup for hooded eyes over 50 brown eyes

Problem zone: Eyelids

Despite the fact that the eyelid also loses its shape with age, you can still enhance your eyes with natural-looking eye makeup. Instead of black eye pencil rather put on a more natural shade of brown and make sure that the eyeliner (best with gel eyeliner) is applied finely along the eyelashes. For a fresher look, accentuate the lower inner lid, the so-called waterline, with a cream eye pencil. When applying eye shadows use a special eyeshadow primer and choose subtle colors such as earth tones to ensure that the increasing wrinkles in the eye area are no longer emphasized. A slight shimmer as a highlight on the inner lid – for example, in champagne, copper or rosé gold – provides a fresh, radiant look.

The more open and larger the eyes are, the younger the whole face appears. But even the eyelashes change with age and get shorter and thinner. With an eyelash curler give your eyelashes a curl boost. And when choosing a mascara, it is better to use a lash extending mascara instead of a lash thickening mascara, which weighs down the thinner lashes even more.

makeup for hooded eyes over 50 purple lips

Apply rouge, but right

In order to define the facial contour and to enhance the rejuvenating effect of makeup, it is important to apply some color to the cheeks. Apply a cream rouge, for example in a warm rose shade, on the highest part of the cheekbones and blending it into the hairline.

Complete your makeup look by applying lipstick

Full lips are a sign of youthfulness and freshness, but unfortunately, you have to make some compromises with age: The lips, especially the upper, are thinner. Dark, bold colors accentuate narrow lips and additionally emphasize the wrinkles around the mouth. For that reason, prefer to use softer tones such as mauve, rose or warm pink when using lipstick. With a lip liner, the contours are even more defined and the lips appear fuller. As a finishing touch, use some lip balm or a colorless lip gloss.

makeup tips for over 40 blue eyes bold lip color