Winter can be a tricky time when it comes to choosing the right tights. Regular tights and sheer stockings work fine when the temperature is above freezing. The colder it gets, the less ordinary tights cut it. Whether tights keep you warm depends on the temperatures outside and their DEN rating. With so many different deniers available, how do you know which ones are best for keeping you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months? Let’s find out how many denier tights are best for winter!

What’s that DEN number on tights?

is it warm to wear opaque tights in the winter
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Every pair of tights comes with a DEN rating, which stands for the weight of the yarn per 9000 meters in grams. The higher the DEN value, the heavier the yarn, and the denser the knitting of the tights. Most stockings start at 10 DEN and are super sheer, perfect for summer. When you hit 40 DEN, they become opaque. Anything beyond 70 DEN is for winter, with cozy cotton tights or knit stockings.

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How many denier tights for winter

how do you wear tights in the winter
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The good news is that there’s no one-size-fits all answer! The type of tights you choose should depend on what activities you plan on doing and how much insulation from the cold weather your legs need. Generally speaking, thicker denier tights (30+ denier) will provide more warmth than thinner ones (15 or less). If temperatures drop below freezing where you live, then opting for 40+ denier will help keep your legs extra cozy! The denser, the warmer — simple as that. So, tights with 60-80 DEN are your go-to on chillier days. They provide full coverage, which means no hair peeking through. With this DEN rating, you can skip the leg-shaving hassle.

100 denier tights keep warm under pleated skirt in winter
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For everyday wear around town or running errands in milder climates, 20–30 Denier is usually ideal, as they offer enough coverage without feeling too heavy. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit perfectly!

is it warm to wear a skirt and tights in the winter
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If colder temperatures are expected but still not frigidly cold outside, then 30–40 Deniers might work better, as they’ll give additional protection against chill winds while still being lightweight enough to move freely with. Plus, if it gets really chilly out, these densities can easily be layered up with other clothing items like leggings or trousers over them for extra warmth if needed — bonus points for versatility!

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what denier tights to wear with dress in winter
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Now, when winter comes knocking, and you want to stay toasty, you can’t go wrong with 100-DEN thermal tights. These babies are lined for warmth and completely opaque. Also, you’ll find support tights typically in the 100-DEN range. Some of these thermal tights look like silky stockings on the outside but come with a warm, cozy lining.

what denier tights should a person wear during winter when snowing
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Fleece-lined silk tights are a savior in cold weather. Visually, they don’t differ from regular silk stockings, so they’re perfect for those winter mini-skirt moments. If you want to stay warm during winter without resorting to classic thermal tights, these are the way to go.

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What is the best color to wear for tights in winter

what is the best color to wear for tights in winter
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Winter is the perfect time to experiment with different colors and styles of tights! Whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts – adding a pair of winter-appropriate tights can really take your outfit to the next level. But what color should you choose?

We recommend going for darker shades like navy blue, gray, black or brown as they are timeless classics that will never go out of style. These colors work great when paired with any type of top in neutral tones such as white and cream. If you want something more eye-catching, then try pairing jewel tones like emerald green or deep purple with lighter tops for an elegant look that will stand out from the crowd!

can you wear fleece-lined tights in the winter
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For those days when it’s too cold outside but still want to show off some leg, we suggest investing in some thick woolen tights which come in many different colors including reds and pinks – perfect for making a statement while keeping warm at the same time!

What is the best denier of tights to wear under jeans/ trousers in winter

What is the best denier of tights to wear under jeans in winter
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Winter warmth secret: Try slipping on a pair of 20 or 30 DEN tights under those long pants while staying active, and you’ll quickly feel how snug they keep you.

In essence, you can rock sheer stockings at any temperature. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Allow me to share my personal take:

  • When it’s below freezing (generally under 32°F/ 0°C), I go for 40 deniers when I’m outdoors. Depending on my mood, I might even venture into the 60 to over 100 denier territory.
  • For temperatures up to 50°F/ 10°C, I prefer 20 or 30 denier tights under my long pants.
  • Between 50 and 68°F/ 10 and 20°C, it’s all about knee-high stockings for me.
  • As the mercury climbs to 68-86°F/ 20-30°C, I switch to sheer tights and thigh-highs in the 5 to 20 denier range (pair them with shorts for that open-toe effect).
  • And when it’s sizzling hot at over 86°F/ 30°C, it’s all about cute ankle socks or footsie socks…or something like that…

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What is the best denier of tights to wear under fabric trousers in winter
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So, it’s not really about summer or winter; it’s all about the temperature and your personal comfort level. Stay cozy and stylish, no matter the season!

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