At 50, your skin is different from when you were in your 20s or 30s – that’s crystal clear. Naturally, as the years pass, your skincare routine evolves. Instead of reaching for regular moisturizers, we eventually turn to anti-aging boosters with Retinol to kickstart collagen production and make those wrinkles seem less profound. But what about makeup? That should be rethought as well. Here are 6 common makeup mistakes that women over 50 should avoid.

Makeup Mistake #1: Less is more!

It's better to aim for a more natural look over 50 years

Thinking that a copious amount of product will conceal your wrinkles is a misconception. Quite the opposite is true. It’s better to aim for a more natural look, steering clear of overloading your face with makeup.

Makeup Mistake #2: Opting for full-coverage foundation

what makeup should a woman over 50 wear

Speaking of naturalness, a heavy-duty foundation is completely out of place. What works much better is a lightweight formulation that provides moisture and doesn’t get stuck in your pores and wrinkles. The same goes for concealer.

Makeup Mistake #3: Applying black eyeliner

How To Wear Makeup In Your 50s

Black eyeliner appears too harsh and tends to settle into those fine lines. It often makes your eyes look smaller, something we’d rather avoid, since age often brings hooded lids into the picture. If you can’t resist outlining your eyes, go for a brown or gray eyeliner that you can smudge for a softer, more open look. Tip: A dark eyeshadow, applied with a thin brush, works just as well as an eyeliner.

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Makeup Mistake #4: Choosing dark or glittery eyeshadow

mature woman wearing navy blue smokey eyeshadow

Highly pigmented eyeshadow highlights fine lines and crow’s feet. Dark smokey eyes should also be left behind – they visually weigh down your eyes and make them appear smaller. It’s better to go for eyeshadows in nude and light brown tones. For more tips about the best eyeshadows for women over 50 read this post.

Makeup Mistake #5: Using powder

what are the biggest errors in applying makeup that women over 50 make

Ladies over 50 in France steer clear of powder. This beauty product tends to accentuate even the tiniest facial creases and makes your skin look unnaturally aged. Instead, fix your (light) makeup with a gentle setting spray, or else you’ll end up looking older than you really are.

Makeup Mistake #6: Neglecting skincare

what makeup should a woman over 50 wear

Well-hydrated skin serves as the foundation for any makeup, giving your face a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Apply it as your daytime and nighttime skincare routine, and don’t forget to extend it generously to your décolletage!

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