Money Piece Hair – The most beautiful hair color trend for fall

The days are getting shorter and the summer-glow is gone: autumn is here! But now there is a hair color trend that makes us look fresh and kissed by the sun even in the cold months: Money Piece Hair!

What is Money Piece Hair and why is it called that?

Money Piece Hair is nothing more than a new hair coloring technique for creating face-framing highlights. Only the foremost strands of hair around the hairline are lightened. The name Money Piece Hair does not refer to the look or the dyeing technique but on the price and the effort required to obtain it: Because these two highlights are foiled so quickly and cheaply that you could pay the hairdresser theoretically only with coins. The strands framing the face make it look so fresh as if you have had all your hair retouched.

the money piece hair color on long light blond hair

The benefits of this low maintenance balayage

The Money Piece instantly gives you a fresh, radiant look without having to dye all your hair. The visit to the hairdresser takes only a short time and is relatively cheap. Money Piece is also very low maintenance and look good even grown out. So you can go for several months without retouching. No wonder that this balayage/foilyage is gaining more and more fans every day.

money piece hair blonde balayage technique instagram

How to do Money Piece Hair?

The new hair trend was inspired by the highlights that women with light blonde hair often get after a summer at the beach. It looks good with short and long hair, on blondes and brunettes. To make the look particularly rich in contrast, only the two foremost strands around the face are lightened. The rest of the hair is ideally already dyed in the ombré or balayage style, but can also be kept completely natural, as here on Beyoncé. In June 2019 she posted a pic on Instagram debuting a lighter Money Piece look and started the trend.

money piece hair instagram beyonce summer 2019

The Money Piece highlights should begin softly about an inch below the hairline and have a constant brightness throughout, creating a contrast with the highlights on the rest of the hair. Here you can see a genius Instagram post that explains three ways to paint a money piece.

It is important that they do not seem too blocky, otherwise, the look reminds too fast of Ginger Spice in the 2000s.

money piece hair 2000s ginger spice

Money piece on short hair

The face-framing highlights look amazing on short hair too! Especially in combination with the trendy blunt bob hairstyle. It has a classic appearance along with a modern twist.

Money piece on short hair blond blunt bob hairstyle

Money piece on dark hair

If you have dark brown hair but want light and bright highlights, you will probably need more sessions for bleaching. The first session could result only in warm copper tones. After the second they will get blonder. Copper looks more natural on dark hair than blonde shades so it’s totally fine. The main idea here is to create lighter-colored highlights around your face that add visual interest and draw attention.

money piece on dark hair copper in between getting lighter

dark hair with money piece middle part layered cut

money piece on dark hair grown out low maintenance

money piece copper babylights on dark hair brunette face framing