Even in summer, or especially on hot days, you shouldn’t necessarily give up on wearing sheer tights. However, it’s important to choose your pantyhose carefully. Otherwise, wearing pantyhose can become a highly sweaty affair. Even for high temperatures, there are delicately fascinating pantyhose models that, through their transparency alone, create a certain tingle.

Is it weird to wear tights in the summer?

thin pantyhose for formal summer dress

Especially in summer, when it’s scorching hot, chances are even the last pair of sheer tights gets taken off, and only bare legs are shown. But when it comes to skirts, there’s a problem: chafing thighs. Bare, sweaty skin rubs against each other with every step, and that can potentially lead to this uncomfortable issue. Sheer tights are among the best options to prevent chafing.

The second problem is that the appearance of the legs is not as optimal if you don’t have very young and flawless skin. The only solution here is sheer tights, plain and simple.

So no matter how you twist and turn it, sheer tights are a sensible and practical garment even on hot days.

What denier is best for summer heat?

best tights for summer dresses

If you want to show off your legs in the summer but still wear pantyhose, not every model is equally suitable. Be sure to choose pantyhose with the lowest possible denier value. The smaller the denier value on the packaging, the thinner the pantyhose. You can find out more about the denier numbers in this post.

Ideal for hot days are tights with a thickness of 8 to 10 denier. These are not only ultra-thin, but also almost invisible on the skin. Classic pantyhose with a denier value of 12 to 20 are also an option in the summer, although they are not quite as airy and comfortable.

Note: Because pantyhose with lower denier number are more prone to tearing, you must be extremely careful when putting them on.

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Pantyhose tips for hot days

best tights for summer wedding

Once you have found pantyhose with the smallest denier value possible, you can further increase the wearing comfort by using a little trick. Simply put your pantyhose in the freezer or refrigerator overnight. This way, the pantyhose will feel nice and cool on your skin.

It’s best to keep several pairs of pantyhose in the fridge, so you can change them during the day if necessary.

Tip: If you find pantyhose too warm in the crotch area, wear stockings with a garter belt instead.

What denier pantyhose to wear on hot summer days

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