From hair to makeup to daily care: Smart skincare tricks make our everyday routine easier and enhance our beauty day by day. After all, in this autumn season, we want to truly celebrate well-being.

How do you change your skincare routine from summer to autumn

products for beautiful skin in autumn

As the days get shorter, the air becomes crisp, and the temperatures are pleasantly cool. For many, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. While summer might have kept us constantly on the go, which can be quite stressful, now we’re spending more time at home. For beauty enthusiasts, that means it’s time for self-care and ample body care.

But what does the skin need when transitioning from summer heat to lower temperatures? And how about hair care? Not only our mood, but also our bodies, need to adjust to the new season.

Wondering how to beautify your fall with beauty hacks? We’ve got the best skincare tips for the cooler season.

Preparing the skin for winter in autumn

adjust skincare routine for autumn

Due to the weather conditions, our skin has different needs in the cold season. You might relate: while your skin was well-moisturized without much effort in the summer, it quickly becomes dry in the colder weather. The reason: cold temperatures reduce sebum production, and dry heating air leads to increased moisture loss.

Before the winter temperatures hit hard, autumn is the perfect time to prepare your skin for winter. The solution: strengthen the skin barrier with sufficient moisture. This can be achieved, for example, with a rich care oil like Squalane. An alternative is moisture masks with hyaluronic acid for an extra moisture boost.

Well-groomed hands with two different creams

If there's one product that shouldn't be missing in autumn, it's definitely hand cream

If there’s one product that shouldn’t be missing in autumn, it’s definitely hand cream. In low temperatures, the skin on our hands tends to dry out quickly. However, it’s not enough to have just one cream; you need two different hand creams! Specifically, hand lotion and hand balm.

Why? Simple: during the day, we need light care that absorbs quickly. At night, we want to pamper our hands with rich creams.

Hand lotion is more liquid than the classic hand cream, absorbs quickly, and is perfect for daytime use. Most products also have integrated UV protection, which is beneficial for preventing skin aging during sunny autumn walks.

On the other hand, a rich hand balm is ideal for strengthening the skin barrier overnight. The care ingredients can penetrate at ease, leaving your hands silky smooth.

Best anti-aging hack: Use SPF in the fall too


Summer is coming to an end, and the sunscreen is making its way back into the cabinet. Hold on, though! In the fall, we shouldn’t completely skip sun protection. While UV radiation decreases in autumn, making it less likely to get sunburned, UVA rays still play a role. These rays quietly contribute to premature skin aging. To prevent wrinkles, always apply sufficient UV protection before applying makeup – even in the fall.

Now in autumn: Less frequent hair washing is recommended

Less frequent hair washing is recommended in autumn

While in summer, we almost had to wash our hair daily due to sweating and quick oil buildup, we save time in the fall with less frequent hair care. Not only does sebum production on the face decrease, but also on the scalp.

So, the hair doesn’t get oily as quickly, and we don’t have to wash it as often. However, when showering, be mindful not to turn the water too hot to avoid drying out the scalp. It’s better to rinse your hair with lukewarm water after shampooing.

Something important to note: Skincare is always very individual. Whether the tips and products we’ve described work for you, only you can judge. For even more hacks and beauty and care tips, check regularly!

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