We all know it: as the winter months approach, our skin dries out and even begins to flake. Cold temperatures, low humidity and heaters can take a toll on even the healthiest of skin, leading to dryness, irritation, and cracking. The logical conclusion? Moisturize! But unfortunately, many of us make a big mistake and use the wrong products. In this article, we’ll explore the best winter skin care and cream options for dry skin.

These creams dry out the skin even more

If you thought that it doesn’t matter which face care products you use in the morning and in the evening, you are wrong. Especially in winter, you should avoid certain moisturizers in the morning, which, together with the low temperatures, only dry out your skin even more.

Since your face, unlike the rest of your body, is unprotected from the cold air, water-based day creams can become a problem. In sub-zero temperatures, you may actually experience mild frostbite on the surface of your skin. This not only leads to drier skin, but also burst red veins. You can find out if your face cream is water-based by looking at the list of ingredients. If the cream contains an oil in addition to water (aqua), you can use the product during the day in winter. However, if there is no oil at all, it is better to use it in the evening or in warmer months. Light moisturizing fluids and creams with names like “Hydro Boost” and “Aqua Boost” are particularly affected by this.

The best winter care for dry skin

Fortunately, most common face creams are so-called water-in-oil emulsions, i.e. products that contain oils as well as water. In addition to shea butter, pure plant oils protect and nourish particularly well in winter, as they often contain no irritating additives. Rosehip seed oil can make your skin more even, tamanu oil helps against pimples and prickly pear seed oil against wrinkles.

There are also many creams that are made specifically for use in cold temperatures and protect the skin from the external influences such as wind and cold. For example, look for products like Wind and Weather Balms for babies and children (adults can also use them) or Cold Creams.

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