No more dry skin? That’s achievable with Squalane oil. This silky-light oil isn’t just suitable for skincare, it’s a beauty all-rounder. Wondering what makes this beauty secret so special? Let’s spill the details in this article.

Squalane is now part of the skin care routine for beautiful skin of many, for good reason. This clear oil leaves a silky-smooth finish on the skin, providing a boost of moisture. It’s not just limited to skincare; it works wonders for hair care and has numerous other applications, making it a true beauty secret!

But you might be wondering, can’t other oils do the same? What sets Squalane apart, and what’s the deal with this miracle oil? We’ll spill all the tips on application and what makes this product so extraordinary.

Squalane Oil: What is it exactly?

Squalane sourced from olive trees

Squalane is nothing more than a very lightweight, pure skincare oil. It’s incredibly gentle, being a natural component of the skin’s lipid film. What makes it stand out from other oils? It’s odorless, lighter than similar products, and leaves a silkier feeling on the skin.

Despite its lightweight nature, Squalane oil packs a punch by strengthening the skin barrier and protecting against moisture loss. That’s why it’s a favorite—bringing in extra moisture after sunbathing in the summer and shielding the skin from dry heating in the winter.

Fun fact: Ever wondered about the name “Squalane”? It actually goes back to the Latin word “Squalus” (meaning shark). Originally, the oil was derived from shark liver, but now it’s sourced from plants like sugarcane or olive trees.

The Magic of Squalane Oil: How it Nourishes the Skin

what are the benefits of squalane oil for the face

Imagine this clear oil as a nourishing film on your skin’s surface. It’s not just for dry skin; it’s recommended for regulating sebum production in oily and acne-prone skin. Squalane is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores or lead to blackheads and breakouts. Quite the opposite.

Squalane oil is versatile, suitable for various skin types. And what about sensitive skin prone to allergies? It’s highly unlikely—almost impossible—that the oil will irritate the skin.

Can I use Squalane for eczema?

Absolutely. As a moisturizing treatment, the oil works wonders for dry patches and atopic skin (skin with chronic, itchy inflammation of the upper skin layers). It helps bring the skin back into balance, providing long-term moisture to the epidermis.

How to Use Squalane Oil: Beauty Routine Tips

squalane oil in skincare routine for moisture boost

We believe Squalane is a true beauty all-rounder. You can apply it for different needs and areas of your body. Whether it’s a moisture boost for your skin, fighting dry wrinkles, or adding shine to your hair—this skincare oil is wonderfully versatile. Curious about its uses and application? Keep reading.

1. Squalane for Skincare

In skincare, Squalane is beloved for adding moisture to the skin. For a radiant glow the next morning, apply the oil either directly in the evening after cleansing or mix it in your morning skincare or foundation routine. For an extra burst of freshness, use it as a body oil—either mixed with body lotion or on its own.

Tip: Applying Squalane oil on slightly damp skin helps it bind moisture even better.

2. Makeup Removal with Squalane

squalane oil removes makeup

If you prefer minimal products, Squalane is your go-to. It’s excellent for removing makeup. Just drip some on a cotton pad, and you’re good to go! Even waterproof makeup comes off pretty well with this miracle oil. Admittedly, using Squalane for facial cleansing can be a bit pricey in the long run. But for those who want to avoid surfactants, it’s a natural alternative.

Tip: You can also use it as a massage oil for your next self-care session. We like!

3. Hair Care with Squalane Oil

is squalane oil good for hair
Canva / Elena Safonova

Because the oil is lightweight and color-neutral, it’s an excellent moisture booster for your hair. Squalane adds shine to dry hair and prevents flyaways. It’s even said to increase heat protection and prevent hair breakage. If you have a flaky scalp, you can drip the oil directly onto the hair roots.

Tip: For extra shine, mix a few drops directly into your shampoo.

4. Squalane during Pregnancy

is squalane safe during pregnancy

Squalane oil is specifically recommended during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. Because it’s light and free of additional fragrances and ingredients, it naturally cares for the growing belly.

Tip: After pregnancy, you can use the oil for your baby’s skincare.

Which Squalane Oil is the Best?

is squalane good for oily skin

Many skincare brands use Squalane not only as an ingredient in cosmetics but also offer it as a pure skincare oil. But which Squalane is the best? Excellent products are available from The Ordinary, Purito, Good Molecules or Peter Thomas Roth, for example.

You’ll have to try them out to find your favorite, but we’re pretty sure that the different oils won’t vary much in their skincare properties. They all share the ability to make the skin silky-smooth, and that’s what we love about Squalane.

The only differences lie in the manufacturing process. Most skincare oils come from plant sources. Even though Squalane oil is no longer derived from shark liver, it’s still worth checking the packaging for details. Look for terms like “pure” to ensure the brand provides information about the oil’s production.

One last important note: Skincare is highly individual. Whether the tips we’ve described or the products we’ve presented work for you, only you can judge. If you have very sensitive skin prone to irritation, it might be wise to consult a skincare specialist. That way, you’ll find the care that suits your skin’s needs perfectly.

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