So you’re considering dyeing your hair red? Well, you have more than just one option! Whether it’s a light copper or dark cherry red, there are so many different shades of red hair, that can make your look unique and beautiful.

What shades of red hair are best for you?

In principle, red suits almost every woman. However, if you often struggle with facial redness, it’s best to opt for a cooler shade with a bluish or violet undertone. If you have fair skin, red tones will look particularly stunning on you. With a flawless porcelain complexion, feel free to go for a more intense shade like vibrant ruby red or intense crimson. If you prefer a more natural look, copper and ginger will also complement you beautifully. On the other hand, if you have a naturally darker complexion or olive skin tone, burgundy and Bordeaux will suit you well. Here are more red hair ideas that look good on every skin tone.

Now, let’s explore some fabulous shades of red hair:


bob haircut and ginger red hair color
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A classic shade we all remember from “Ginger Spice” alias Geri Halliwell: copper! Yes, the actual orange tone falls into the category of red hair colors according to hair professionals. The ginger shade appears very natural and is more of a light to medium red-brown. It’s a particularly warm red tone and looks great, especially on people with fair skin.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is slightly lighter than ginger

Is it blonde or already red? Strawberry blonde is a shade right in between. It’s slightly lighter than ginger and can be described as a honey blonde with a reddish tint. It particularly suits women with green and blue eyes.

Rose Blonde

Rose blonde is a blonde shade with a cool undertone of pink
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Rose blonde is a blonde shade with a cool undertone of pink. This trendy color is truly exceptional. By wearing it, you show that you’re a real fashionista who dares to try something different!

Orange Red

orange red hair color
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Not everyone is fond of orange hair, so you’ll need a bit of courage if you want to try this color that combines red and orange. But if you’re an adventurous person, this tone can give you that extra edge.

Ruby Red

ruby red hair color
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This shade owes its name to the precious gemstone, ruby. It’s a vibrant red that stands out, especially on fair skin – it reminds us of our favorite mermaid, Ariel.


crimson red hair color
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Crimson is an especially intense red shade with a slight pink tinge. The color is eye-catching and playful, which is why it’s also referred to as lollipop red. But beware: Achieving a bright red result with this color usually requires pre-bleaching your hair!

Copper Red

copper red brown hair color
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Named after the metal of the same name that we all probably know from our pennies, this tone suits those with a peachy complexion and green or brown eyes.


auburn red hair color brownish red on fair skin

Auburn Red is a captivating hair color that falls within the spectrum of red-brown shades. It can range from light copper to deep burgundy depending on how much pigment is used in the dyeing process, giving it a wide range of possibilities for personalizing your style.


cinnamon copper reddish hair color
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So far, you only know cinnamon as a spice for your rice pudding? Well, as a hair color, Cinnamon is definitely a brown-caramelly shade with coppery highlights that you won’t get tired of easily.


chestnut reddish brown hair color
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Chestnut is a warm brown shade with reddish undertones. It’s perfect for autumn types and suits every complexion.


mahogany dark brownish red hair color
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Mahogany is a stunning shade of red-brown with warm undertones that can instantly add depth and dimension to any look. You could opt to go full-on glamour goddess by embracing long locks of deep red brown curls – perfect if you want maximum impact – but if subtlety is more your style then try balayage highlights around face framing pieces like bangs or layers near cheekbones; they’ll create definition without being too overwhelming in one go!


amber hair with blond highlights
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You might be familiar with amber as a yellow-golden gemstone. Amber hair color combines this warm tone with a touch of red. Generally, it resembles a red-blond hue but is slightly darker, allowing the red to shine through more.


Burgundy dark red hair with violet undertone
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Burgundy is a dark red with a violet undertone that leaves a lasting impression. The shade suits all skin tones and eye colors.

Bordeaux/ Marsala shades of red hair

dark red and brown balayage marsala wine
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There are many names for a radiant red-violet hue, including Bordeaux and Marsala. We believe that this hair color is the perfect wine red!

Black Cherry Red

Black Cherry Red Hair color
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Cherry red is a very dark shade composed of black and dark red. It complements brown eyes particularly well.

How to properly care for red-colored hair?

Don’t rush to wash your hair immediately. It’s best to wait for 24 hours, ideally even 48 hours, before washing your freshly dyed hair. This will help prevent the color from fading too quickly.

Use shampoo specifically designed for colored hair.

Avoid excessive sun exposure and protect your red mane with a hat or hair sunscreen spray.

Should I dye my hair red by myself?

If you have plenty of experience dyeing your own hair, go ahead and give it a try. However, your hair should be lighter than the shade of red you desire; otherwise, the result might turn out quite different from your expectations. In most cases, seeking the expertise of a hairdresser is the safer option. They can provide guidance on the right shade for you.

Lastly, you should know that red pigments are notoriously difficult to remove from your hair. So, if you end up not liking the color after a short while and decide to switch to another hair color, you may have to deal with a lingering reddish or orangish hue for even longer.

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