Although it’s possible to rock red hair with olive skin, choosing the right shade is of utmost importance. The wrong red hair color can look unnatural and give your skin a washed-out appearance. To select the best red hair color for olive skin, you first need to determine whether your complexion has warm or cool undertones. You also need to choose a red hair shade that complements your natural hair color and the depth of your skin tone.

How to choose the best shade of red for your olive skin tone?

auburn red curly hair and warm olive skin

Olive skin can have either warm or cool undertones. A warm skin tone is one that appears yellow or golden, while cool skin tones tend to have more of a bluish or pinkish hue. A quick way to determine your skin tone is to look at the veins on your wrist. Green veins indicate warmth, while blue veins suggest cool undertones.

bright cherry red hair on woman with warm olive skin and brown eyes

If you have a warm skin tone, opt for warm reds. When selecting hair color, look for chestnut shades with copper or red undertones. Light copper tones can also complement warm olive skin tones, as long as the color isn’t too light for the skin. Wearing warm reds with olive skin will brighten your complexion and highlight your natural golden undertones. Read more about the different shades of red hair in this post.

copper red hair for light olive skin tone

Those with cool undertones look better in cooler reds. To find a cool red shade, look for colors that have the words violet or burgundy in their names. For a more dramatic color, you can also try a dark copper or auburn hair color. These shades will accentuate a cool complexion much better than warmer reds.

copper red hair on light olive skin and brown eyes

Dark red hair color for olive skin

dark red hair color for olive skin tone and brown eyes

In general, olive skin tones look better with darker hair. While olive skin and red hair can be a great combination, it’s important to choose a shade that closely matches your natural hair color. To make red hair look natural with olive skin, select a color that is no more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color. This is especially true if your natural color is very dark, as a bright strawberry blonde or ginger won’t flatter a dark olive skin tone.

dark red hair color on woman with short hair, light olive tone and brown eyes

Red is one of the trickier hair colors to achieve and maintain. If you need assistance in figuring out how to combine red hair with olive skin, reach out to a professional colorist. They can help you identify the warm or cool tones of your skin and select a shade that complements those undertones.

For more ideas, read our post about three different shades of red that are super trendy in the last years.

woman with warm medium olive skin tone and red hair

beautiful red hair color for olive skin tone

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