As many women know, it takes courage to undergo a drastic change in hair color. Here is a situation familiar to most of us: You have picked a new, fresh hair color, but shortly before you go to the hairdresser the courage leaves you, and you stick with your tried and tested color. But red hair is currently very much in vogue and is a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. Have you always wanted to dye your hair red? Then autumn is the perfect time for it! Here are three different shades of red that will be super trendy in the autumn-winter season. The great thing is that they look good on every skin tone.

Intense cherry red hair

cherry red hair color with black highlights 2020

Those who are particularly brave and ready for a completely new look in autumn/winter 2023 will choose the hottest hair color, cherry red! But be careful: The bright red is only for those who like to stand out because with this hair color you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher on the street.

Mega-star Dua Lipa already rocked the color in summer with black highlights and roots, but cherry red remains even in fall THE best color for wild, extroverted women with a sense of style. Cooler shades of red such as cherry red are especially good for women with medium to dark skin tones. Please note that your hair color will be lighter after the coloration if your base hair color is also light blond. For more cherry red hair color ideas, check out this post!

Bright cherry red with black roots

cherry red hair color with dark roots

Dark cherry red burgundy hair

cherry red hair colour on black hair looks burgundy dark

Warm copper red hair color

copper red hair color for cool and light skin tone

Anyone preferring a less eye-catching style may choose a copper hair color. This red is a real classic, but was particularly trendy in the fall/winter 2020/2021. The advantage of copper-red: it looks very natural and fresh. The hair color is especially good for women with ivory skin and rosy complexion. The “Riverdale” actress Madelaine Petsch for example is a natural redhead.

But the best thing is that this color is especially easy to create on blonde hair. If you don’t want to color your entire hair immediately, you can use the balayage technique to create occasional copper-red highlights.

Copper red ginger hair color with green eyes

copper red hair color warm skin tone, brown eyebrows green eyes

Copper red hair with brown eyes

copper hair medium lenght brown eyes

Natural ginger hair

auburn hair on fair skin natural color

Black girl with copper and brown hair

Black girl with copper and brown hair

Dark copper hair on olive skin

copper red hair with green eyes light skin

Auburn means reddish brown hair

auburn hair color fall 2020 for brunettes - olive skin and brown eyes

While copper red is primarily something for blondes, brunettes should take a closer look at the new trend color Auburn, because this burgundy shade is particularly easy to achieve on brown hair. What does auburn hair look like? Auburn is like chestnut brown but with a red shade. An example of Auburn hair with a wow-effect: Emmy prize winner Zendaya, who last fall had her lush curls dyed in the exciting red shade.

The mixture of brown and red suits all skin types, but the intensive nuance is particularly flattering for women with warm olive skin or darker and brown or hazelnut eyes. If you’re wanting to add a bit of all-over color, but you don’t want to dye all of your hair auburn, you can also spice up your dark brown hair with highlights.

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Auburn hair color looks good on dark skin

auburn red hair black woman african american dark skin

Auburn hair on fair skin

auburn hair color ideas for fall 2020

Auburn balayage to dark brown hair

auburn red balayage and dark hair indian latino skin

auburn hair color and brown eyes on light warm skin

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