As we head into the cold season, there’s one problem that keeps bugging us: You put on your favorite sweater, and suddenly, your hair is floating, and you practically spark like a superhero. Don’t touch anyone, or they might get a mini shock! So, how to get rid of static from clothes quickly? We’ve got the solution to your electric fashion dilemma.

What clothing material causes static electricity?

how can static electricity be removed from clothes and hair

Where does static come from? The culprit behind this static charge is a mix of factors: friction, dryness, and certain fabrics. These elements build up electricity in your clothes, making your sweaters stick to you, crackle, and give your hair a life of its own.

Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon and acrylic tend to be the worst offenders when it comes to creating static electricity. These fabrics don’t absorb moisture as well as natural fibers such as cotton or wool, so they hold on tight to any electric charge they come into contact with – resulting in an unwelcome shock every time we reach for our favorite sweater.

Luckily, there are some easy solutions for avoiding this issue altogether. Here are 6 fantastic tips to combat static clothing.

Trick to get rid of static from clothes #1: Go for Metal Hangers

how to remove static from clothes after ironing with metal hanger

Sweaters, blouses, dresses – everything neatly hung on wooden or velvet hangers in your closet? No problem, but to prevent that static charge, you’d be better off with metal hangers. Metal conducts electricity, preventing your clothes from turning into little lightning bolts.

If you don’t want to replace all your hangers, just get one metal hanger and give your clothes a quick swipe right before putting them on.

Trick for removing static from clothes #2: Stick a Safety Pin in the Fabric

how do i get rid of static from my polyester sweater

You can achieve a similar anti-static effect by attaching a safety pin to your clothing. Once again, the metal in the pin will discharge any built-up electricity, so your clothes won’t cling to your skin or give your hair a life of its own.

Tip: Hide the pin on the inside or in the hem – it won’t be noticeable, but it’ll do the trick.

Trick #3: Bring on the Anti-Static Spray

does hairspray remove static from clothes

Hair spray isn’t just for keeping your locks in place; it can also help prevent your clothes from turning into electrically charged villains. (and also stop a skirt from riding up) Hairspray works by forming a thin coating on the fabric fibers, which helps reduce friction between them and prevents static electricity from occurring in the first place. All you need to do is spray some onto your clothing before putting it on or after taking it off for best results. You should also avoid using too much as this could cause discoloration over time due to its alcohol content.

An even better solution than hairspray is anti-static spray. Just a quick spritz on the inside of your clothing, about 10 inches away, right before putting it on. Be sure to watch your spraying distance; otherwise, you might end up with nasty stains. You’ll need to repeat this after each wash.

Trick #4: Swap Your Shoes

how to get rid of static from skirt you are wearing quickly

If your shoes have rubber soles, they might be the culprits behind your constantly charged clothing. Yes, you heard that right – rubber is known to build up electrical charge. Instead, opt for shoes with leather soles to prevent static attraction.

Trick #5: Use Fabric Softener

home remedies for static cling of dress

If you usually skip fabric softener in your laundry, it’s time to change that if you want to prevent static build-up. Fabric softener discharges your clothes.

If you don’t want to use it on all your clothes, you can mix a small amount of fabric softener with water (about a 1:4 ratio) and spray the mixture on the inside of the affected clothes.

Trick #6: Reach for the Body Lotion

how do you remove static from polyester dress

Take off your hat, and your hair is standing on end? Grab a dab of body lotion or hand cream and run it through your hair. The cream provides moisture, preventing friction.

The same goes for places where your clothes tend to stick. Apply some lotion, for example, on your legs, and you’ll be free of that pesky problem. Nothing will stick or go electric on you now!

We hope these tips have helped you zap your clothing problem away. For even more hacks and household tips, make sure to visit regularly!

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