Combining Red? Many people hesitate to incorporate the color red into their clothing. Understandably so, as it’s quite eye-catching and not the easiest color to integrate into an outfit. The safest option is always to combine red and black. You can also pair red and brown, which works much better than just plain black. Combining red and brown is not at all difficult if you follow some simple rules. But what are those rules, and how can you style these colors further? We’ll explore how to best showcase these two colors and identify any fashion faux pas along the way.

Do Red and Brown Go Together?

red blouse paired with black jeans and brown coat

Naturally, it’s a bit daring, and you might be asking yourself, “Do red and brown match?” And you can probably guess the answer: Yes! At first glance, these seem like quite contrasting colors, and combining them may not initially come to mind.

Especially when we consider these two colors from a psychological perspective. As you probably know, every color triggers specific emotions and reactions in us. This might not always happen consciously, but you likely have a favorite color, and that can give you a sense of their psychological impact. Now, red itself is a bold and striking color. It draws attention, symbolizes energy, power, and especially passion. Interestingly, a well-put-together outfit with red shades can have a positive impact on you. A lady in red exudes confidence and attractiveness. So, if you’re ever nervous about a date or a rendezvous, don’t hesitate to give yourself a boost with a touch of red.

red floral dress paired with brown jacket and booties

However, red can also have negative connotations. If you put together an all-red outfit with bright and intense reds, it can quickly come across as aggressive and arrogant. There’s a reason why we often depict the devil in complete red. But you can counteract this negative aspect with a fantastic color – brown is the magical key.

Brown is considered a more reserved tone, exuding a sense of comfort and relaxation. We feel comfortable with natural colors, as they represent authenticity and a connection to the earth. Outfits with brown as the foundation are almost always easy to assemble and are a “fashionable comfort” for professionals. However, brown can also look unremarkable and outdated if not combined with the right tricks.

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Purple and Brown Outfit Ideas

red shoes paired with beige pleated skirt white blouse and light brown coat

When you bring these two colors together, something wonderful happens: the negative effects of both colors simply fade away. They balance each other out, creating a harmonious impression. This brings out the positive attributes and makes you look like a true fashion pro.

Pairing Red and Brown with These 3 Styling Tips

red sweater paired with brown leather pants over 50

Red and brown are two classic colors that can help you create a stylish and elegant outfit. However, if you want to combine brown and red, there are some rules to keep in mind. This is the only way to make your outfit a real eye-catcher. These three tips can help you:

Monochromatic Magic: Red and brown are earthy colors, which is why they blend so well together. However, ensure that the shades complement each other. Warm red pairs nicely with deep brown, while cool red works better with a lighter brown.

brown leather skirt paired with red striped top

Accentuate Wisely: If you’re unsure about how to combine brown and red, use these colors as accents. A red scarf or a brown handbag can make your outfit more interesting and vibrant without overpowering it.

Mix Up Textures: Experiment with different textures to create intriguing contrasts. For example, pair a brown leather jacket with a red silk top.

What Colors Go with Brown and Red?

brown coat paired with striped shirt white jeans and red beret hat

We’ve got the hang of pairing red and brown. But what other colors can be incorporated into a look? After all, three colors are the magic number for a successful appearance. Safe color combinations can be achieved with white and black and also gray. These three colors provide a neutral base and can make a small statement.

White shoes, a white belt, and perhaps white earrings with beige pants and a cozy oversized red sweater. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? A great look for transitioning from summer to autumn because the two autumnal colors are combined with a fresh and summery white.

Another summery color would be yellow. It’s quite a bold contrast, which, if executed skillfully, can be quite stunning. It gives me a real fashion week vibe.

Combining Right for Different Occasions

brown pleated skirt paired with red sweater and white sneakers in autumn

Depending on the occasion and your personal preferences, you can combine red and brown in various ways:

Casual Chic: For this look, you can pair brown pants with a red sweater. When it comes to footwear, brown sneakers, loafers, or Mary Janes are a good choice. Accessorize with gold jewelry to complete the look.

red pants paired with brown blazer coat and ankle boots

Office-Ready: If you want to wear red and brown in the office, combine a brown blazer with a red blouse. Add dark pants and classic brown pumps to the ensemble.

Evening Elegance: For special occasions, you can wear a red evening dress with brown accessories like shoes and a bag.

red dress paired with brown ankle boots

Pairing Bordeaux Red and Brown

dark red coat paired with brown handbag

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the different shades of red and brown. Especially as winter approaches, Bordeaux red is a very popular color. This color creeps into stores every year, wrapping us in the cozy feeling of a muted and snug color. So, how do you pair Bordeaux red and brown?

light brown rain coat paired with red beret hat

As a fan of contrasts, I would suggest that we balance the somewhat dark appearance of Bordeaux. Light brown tones, cream, and beige complement a deep and intense Bordeaux shade beautifully. But be cautious about which clothing items you pair. A dark shirt with light pants can work. Dark shoes with light pants? Oh no, please don’t.

This visually shortens the leg and makes you appear smaller and stockier. But that’s not you. So, it’s better to pair dark shoes with the dark red pants. It looks more harmonious and, in some cases, can even elongate the legs.

dark red coat paired with brown turtleneck sweater

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