Hey everyone! We’ve all heard the saying, “Does this make me look fat?” in regard to clothing. Today, we are going to focus on a particular pattern: polka dots. So, does wearing polka dots make you look fat? The answer is no! Polka dots of any size and color can be flattering for anyone, regardless of body type or shape. Whether you’re petite or plus size, this print can be a great way to add some personality and style to your wardrobe.

Are polka dots slimming?

woman wearing black white dot dress

It’s no secret that polka dots are a timeless fashion trend. Not only do they look fun and flirty, but many women also believe that they can be slimming as well! Polka dot patterns tend to draw attention away from problem areas and instead focus on creating an overall shapely silhouette. The trick is finding the right size dots for your body type. Additionally, it helps if you choose darker colors since these create an illusion of depth, which can help detract from certain parts of your figure. By the way, you can find more patterns with a slimming effect in this post.

60 year old woman wearing black clothing with white polka dots

When it comes to polka dots, several factors come into play: the size and, most importantly, the colors of the dots, how closely they are placed together, and whether they are evenly or randomly distributed on the fabric. Larger dots can give your body more fullness than smaller ones. Darker dots are less noticeable when the dots are of the same size and arrangement.

pregnant woman wearing green polka dot dress

Like with most patterns, the color of the background is key when it comes to the dots. For a slimming effect, a darker background is ideal. The impact of the spacing between the dots also heavily depends on the color environment. Bright dots on a dark background create more volume when placed closely together.

woman with big chest wearing polka dot top

That’s why there are only two variations of polka dots that have a slimming effect: small to medium-sized dots that are widely spaced apart on a darker background or vertically or predominantly diagonally arranged dots on a darker background.

Should plus size wear polka dots?

plus size black woman wearing polka dot clothing

Plus size ladies should definitely not shy away from wearing polka dots – they look amazing on all body types!

Polka dot pieces are incredibly versatile; you can dress them up with heels for a night out, or down with sneakers for a casual day look. The best thing is that these prints come in so many different colors, so it’s easy to find something that works perfectly with your existing wardrobe.

Should plus size wear polka dots

Plus-sized women have plenty of options when it comes to finding flattering cuts too – try an A-line skirt, if you want something more fitted around the waist, but still loose enough at the hips, or opt for an oversized top if you prefer something looser fitting all over. And if you are wondering what jackets make you look slimmer, check out this post.

curvy black woman wearing white and red polka dot top

So don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise – wear those cute little spots proudly, knowing that they won’t make ya look “fat” at all! Just pick pieces in sizes and shapes that work best for your body type and enjoy experimenting until you find what looks good on you!

woman with big bust wearing beige polka dot dress

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