The so-called 2.25-inch rule, or the 5.5-centimeter formula, has caused quite a stir on the internet lately. Why? The mathematical formula is supposed to determine who looks good with short hair and who should stick with long hair. That means hair length can actually be determined by science, even by mathematics. Some might find it groundbreaking and cool, while others may be reminded of old school traumas. Regardless, we want to take a closer look at what and who is behind this mysterious formula.

will a choppy collarbone bob suit me

Where does the 2.25-inch rule come from?

Hairdresser Giles Robinson developed the hair length formula that supposedly determines whether short hair suits you. Giles Robinson, International Training Director of Color Wow and Senior Stylist at John Frieda Salons UK, says, “It’s about the angle of the jawbone. The rule is a foolproof guide for hairstylists to adjust any cut so that the hair length flatters the face shape.”

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How to calculate what hair length is best for you?

The rule is easy to explain. If the distance between your ear and chin is less than 2.25 inches/ 5.5 centimeters, you should cut your hair short. So it could be that simple, and you wouldn’t have to be afraid of short hair experiments anymore.

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To calculate the formula yourself, take a ruler and a pencil. Place the pencil horizontally under your chin and the ruler vertically on your earlobes. If the pencil is less than 2.25 inches/ 5.5 centimeters away from your ear, short haircuts will look great on you. If the distance is greater, it’s better to stay away from the scissors and stick with long hair.

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Can you rely on the 2.25-inch rule?

Professionals say: Yes, the rule is correct, but there are always exceptions. After all, other important factors such as texture and face shape should also be considered. For example, if someone has thin hair and a long face, their hair will look fuller if it’s cut shorter. The right cut can be strategically used to balance out the face shape. Different types of bangs and lengths can also flatter or disrupt the face shape.

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Celebrities show that the 2.25-inch rule actually works: For Kim Kardashian, long hair is the most flattering choice. Longer hair is also optimal for Jessica Alba’s longer jawline. Katie Holmes’ shorter chin is perfect for a pixie or a choppy bob, as she has worn in the past. Emma Stone’s features are highlighted and set off perfectly by her short bob.

How to calculate what hair length is best for you

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