New hair trend: What ist the ‘gringe’ aka the grown out fringe

This fringe hairstyle is currently causing a real hype: the “Gringe”. No, not the green monster Grinch that steals Christmas, but the “Grown Out Fringe” – the outgrown bangs. We’ll show you which is the most flattering face shape for this hairstyle and how to style the grown out bangs perfectly.

What is a grown out fringe?

gringe grown out fringe long hair kate middleton

Duchess Kate set the trend years ago and still today everybody wants to have it! Celebrities like Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lopez and Rachel McAdams also love the gringe trend. The grown out fringe with middle parting looks chic and casual at the same time.

Difference between Gringe and Curtain Bangs

difference between gringe and curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs, also known as Bardot fringe, is a trendy bang that’s shorter in the center, stops just above the eyebrows (or hangs slightly over the eyes), and falls into layers towards the outer corners of the face.

The “Gringe” is, as already mentioned, a bang that has actually become too long. As you can see, though, the Kate-endorsed gringe is not really a fringe but looks like a transitional hairstyle. The hair is parted in the center of the head and the longer bangs on the front are swept to the side.

What makes the gringe so special?

long hairstyle with layers and grown out fringe

Transitional hairstyles are always a challenge. We rarely succeed in seamlessly transitioning from one hairstyle to the next. With the Gringe we still manage to get through the tricky phase in a very cool way. If you want to let your pony grow out, the Gringe is perfect for you. This hair trend shows that even transitional hairstyles can be quite stylish. The best part is that if your hair gets on your nerves, you can simply tuck the fringe behind your ears – after all, it’s long enough.

Who does the “Gringe” suit best?

grown out fringe and high ponytail streches round face

The “Gringe” flatters just about every face shape. It makes angular face shapes appear softer and stretches visually a round face. The extra-long bangs shorten elongated faces and are also perfectly suitable for oval face shapes. Well, everything suits them anyway! Check out this article about Ponytail hairstyle according to your face shape.

long hairstyles with gringe grown out fringe

The gringe is one of the best hairstyles for a small forehead because the middle parting stretches visually. If you want to hide a big forehead or forehead wrinkles, you’d better opt for Curtain bangs.

The hair texture plays an important role, too. The gringe works best in medium to thick hair. With fine hair, however, it doesn’t look as well, but you can create more volume by using volume mousse.

How to style grown out fringe?

styles for a grown out fringe add more texture

The thicker the hair is, the less you actually have to style the “gringe”. It will fall right all by itself. If you have thinner hair, you have to give it a little help. Simply blow-dry the fringe in front of your face with a hot air brush or blow-dryer and round brush, and let it fall loosely into your face. Then fix it with hairspray and the hairstyle is ready.

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