What ponytail suits your face shape? This is how to choose the perfect ponytail height!

With the ponytail, it is the same as with the hair color or the haircut. Not everything will suit you. But luckily there are enough hairstyle options you can choose from. Find out what ponytail suits your face shape best!

Ponytail according to face shape

Ponytail according to face shape

There are many reasons to choose a ponytail hairstyle… it’s not complicated at all and can be tied in no time. Hair is out of the face and neck and it looks stylish. But not every ponytail fits every face shape. You have to consider your facial features to achieve the desired effect. For this simple hairstyle the most important thing is the ponytail height!

What face shape do you have?

So that you can determine the shape of your face, you should tie your hair back and sit in front of a mirror. It is best to be without make-up so that you can see all contours exactly, such as your cheekbones. If you are unsure, then outline the contour of your face from your forehead to your temples to your chin with an eyeliner. Another option is to trace the contours of your face directly on the mirror using an old lipstick for example.

Is ponytail good for round face?

ponytail for round chubby face with face framing bangs

Typical features for a round face are:

  • pretty much the same width and length
  • a rounded, wide forehead
  • a rounded chin and jawline
  • wide cheekbones that make the face look short
  • no hard lines or angles

If you have a rather round face, you should definitely wear your ponytail high to add volume at the crown and visually stretch your face creating an illusion of narrower face shape. However, make sure that you don’t tie your hair too tightly, otherwise, the soft features will be emphasized even more. So make sure that your hair has a little more volume. You can do this by curling your hair with a curling iron or straightening iron or by applying a volume spray.

high bun with full bangs and face framing pieces for round face indian

A ponytail with face-framing pieces will also make your face look thinner. It’s best to let a few strands fall out in gentle waves around the face. Side bangs are flattering on round faces because the angle of the bangs create more length. Full wispy bangs can also look great on round chubby faces.

If you don’t feel like having a ponytail today, no problem! A stylish half-bun is also perfect for your round face shape.

ponytail to make face look thinner

Flattering ponytail hairstyle for the heart-shaped face

sleek low ponytail for heart shaped face with side part

Typical characteristics for a heart-shaped face (or an upside-down triangle) are:

  • a broad forehead (can appear boxy)
  • high cheekbones
  • a pointed chin
  • a narrow, lower half of the face

To flatter the shape of this face, you shouldn’t emphasize the top of the head too much. The ponytail is therefore tied at half height or lower, at the back of the neck. The forehead can be visually narrowed with a few loose face-framing pieces at the sides.

While you should rather avoid a middle parting with a round face, you can definitely wear it with a heart-shaped face. A sleek low ponytail with a deep side part will also distract the eye from the high forehead.

Ponytail for square face

sleek low ponytail for heart shaped face with side part

Typical features of a square face are:

  • square, boxy, flat-looking shape
  • angular facial contours
  • a broad forehead
  • a broad, somewhat hard-looking lower jaw
  • the sides of the face run straight down

low ponytail for square face with middle part

A flattering ponytail hairstyle for the square face is a low ponytail at the level of the earlobes with wavy pieces of hair that softly wrap around the facial features and neutralize their edges. Layered cut bangs can also add texture and movement that help diffuse angular corners.

A side parting with a low tied bun is also a good choice.

Ponytail for oval face shape

ponytail with volume at the crown and face framing pieces for oval face

Typical features for an oval face are:

  • a slightly elongated shape
  • a high forehead
  • the cheekbones are the widest part of the face
  • a slightly longer, slightly rounded chin

Do you have an oval face? Well, congratulations. Women with that face shape are lucky: it is so even that all hairstyles suit you. Whether it’s a loose low ponytail or a sleek, high ponytail – with an oval face you can experiment anew every day.

ponytail hairstyle at half height or lower for heart shaped face


Ponytail for diamond face shape

ponytail for diamond face shape with face framing pieces and volume

With the diamond-shaped face, the aim is to disguise the corners and edges of the face through casual undone hairstyle. Tease the roots and don’t pull back the hair too tightly.

Ponytail for oblong face shape

ponytail for oblong face shape with curtain bangs

Unfortunately, ponytail hairstyles are not flattering on an elongated face. A ponytail would only make the face look longer and should, therefore, be avoided. A low ponytail with a deep side part is an option for oblong face shape. But fortunately, there are other possibilities, as well. You can also try a half up half down ponytail or a half-up ponytail with a scarf? Curtain bangs will also break up long lines of your face shape and hide a portion of your forehead.

low ponytail for oblong face shape

ponytail to make face look thinner

low sleek ponytail for long face to make it look thinner