Every woman is looking for it: the perfectly fitting pair of jeans. But how to know which are right for you? Whether it’s skinny leg, flared, high-waisted, or low-rise – there is a suitable model for every body type. Because, as great as the selection of cool denim styles may be, finding a model that conceals problem areas and emphasizes advantages is not that easy. However, it already helps to know which jeans variant flatters which figure type. Thanks to our denim guide, you will soon no longer ask yourself the question: “Which jeans suit me?” We’ve put together a bunch of tips for you so that you can finally find the perfect pair of jeans on your next shopping spree.

What jeans would look best on you?

dark jeans and heels can visually elongate short legs

To find out which jeans suit you best, you should become aware of what you expect from them. Are you short and want your body to look longer, or do you think your thighs are too thick and want to hide them? So, in the first step, define your problem areas and the things you like about your body. Then, our guide can show you which pants flatter your figure.

Which jeans to wear to hide the big tummy?

mom jeans type are good for apple body shape

You have an apple-shaped body? Even if your midsection is your problem area, it doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing jeans. They can be really practical in this case and visually hide your belly. To support your belly, it’s best to go for high-waisted models such as mom jeans. This way, nothing is squeezed, and your belly gets the support it needs from the denim fabric. Such styles conceal your tummy and make your hips appear narrower.

which jeans are best for apple shaped body

If you have slim legs, skinny jeans are your best bet. And remember this: stretch is your best friend. Fabric with stretch are always comfortable and hug our natural curves beautifully. It’s a win-win, and they make your booty stand out too!

We’ve already hinted at it: stay away from low waist jeans! They mercilessly expose every pound and draw attention to the tummy. Both are not ideal for women who weren’t blessed with a flat stomach.

Which jeans for big thighs?

jeans for body type pear and big thighs

So, you have a pear-shaped body and strong thighs, and you’re not quite satisfied with them? No problem! The right cut can quickly make them appear slimmer. Jeans that are cut straight, such as bootcut or wide leg jeans, are perfect for you. They create a balance between the upper and lower leg and make your legs look slimmer overall. Boyfriend jeans, with their loose fit, also make the legs appear narrower.

Additionally, you should choose models made from a dark denim fabric. Dark colors visually elongate the legs and make them appear slimmer. It’s particularly advantageous to have a wash that is slightly lighter in the middle and darker on the outside.

which jeans are best for big thighs

If you want to conceal your big thighs, you should also avoid tight-fitting models, as they only accentuate the problem area unnecessarily. So, no skinny jeans or jeggings. Cargo pants are also not a good choice since the cargo pockets draw attention to the thighs.

Which jeans visually elongate short legs?

which jeans for petite women with short legs

The right pair of jeans can work wonders on shorter legs and visually elongate them. However, every centimeter counts here – so you should opt for models that are slim and straight cut to make your legs appear longer accordingly. To avoid the jeans bunching up, it’s best to always wear shoes with a small heel or platform.

jeans perfect for fat short legs

The jeans should fit slightly loose to tight. Very wide models like the boyfriend jeans make short height girls look lost in them. Low waist models are also not flattering for you as they visually squash the proportions. When it comes to washes, it’s best to choose a dark model, as this makes you appear even taller.

Which jeans are optimal for a large bottom?

jeans with a dark wash are good for pear shapes

A large butt is not necessarily a negative thing. However, it can be difficult to find a suitable pair of jeans that accentuate the butt nicely while also fitting well at the legs and waist. The best option is to choose a model with a dark wash.

The pockets at the back should not be too far apart, as this would visually enlarge your buttocks. Optimal cuts are those that are slightly loose or even flared. From bootcut to flared jeans to boyfriend styles.

Which jeans make a flat butt look like a perky butt?

which jeans lift your bottom

If you have a small or flat butt and want to push it up as much as possible with a well-fitting pair of jeans, we recommend models with back pockets. Zippers, embroideries, buttons, and other embellishments on the pockets provide extra volume and make the booty appear rounder and bigger.

The fit of the waistband is also important: low-rise jeans are the best choice for showcasing the behind. Choose models with stretch and slim-cut legs. And remember, light colors add volume. Perfect if you want to cheat your way to a bigger booty.

light colored jeans can lift your bottom

If you want to make your booty appear larger, avoid models without back pockets. They make the behind appear flatter. The same goes for high-waisted jeans. Wide boyfriend pants or Marlene trousers are also not a good choice as they tend to hide the booty.

Which models emphasize long legs?

which jeans are best for skinny legs

Good news: If you are blessed with long, slender legs, you can wear anything you want. Whether light or dark, skinny or boyfriend jeans, everything looks good on long legs. Especially in this case, we love straight-cut jeans that emphasize the length of the legs. Flared jeans, however, also create a really cool look. With them, your legs look simply endless…

Which jeans is good for skinny legs

woman with baggy jeans and slim legs

Look for high-waisted styles with minimal distressing or fading, as these will provide maximum coverage and give you a modern edge. For something more casual, try boyfriend or straight leg jeans, which have looser fits but still offer plenty of definition around the ankle area – perfect if you want to add some shape without feeling too restricted in movement.

What should I pay attention to when trying on jeans?

woman with big butt wearing skinny jeans

Sure, jeans should make your butt look nice and firm. But don’t forget: The pants also have a front side. Pay attention to your crotch area as well. Folds and bulges have no place there. If the fabric bunches up in the crotch area, the pants might be too big or simply poorly cut. In any case, move on to the next pair!

If skinny jeans create horizontal folds between the back of the knee and the butt, the opposite is true: they are too tight. If anyone believes that they look slimmer by buying pants one size smaller, that’s simply false. Too tight pants add bulk! If they feel tight and restrict your movement, get rid of them! The same goes for pants that would simply fall off your body without a belt. Even boyfriend jeans should not be so loose at the hips that you can easily slip two hands into the waistband.

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