What colors go with purple? Tips for combining clothes well

With purple outfits, you can easily stand out from the crowd! Many people are quite wrongly shying away from this color. In fact, purple clothes are not that difficult to combine! We will show you which colors go well with purple and which styling rules you should follow.

What colors go well with purple? The basic rules

beige sweater and blue denim go well with light purple jacket

Purple is a so-called secondary color because it is mixed from the primary colors red and blue. As a rough rule of thumb, all colors that harmonize with red and blue also go well with purple. However, when putting together outfits, it is also important to choose the right purple, because what looks good with dark eggplant purple does not necessarily also apply to light lavender purple.

Purple and Blue: You can’t go wrong if choosing blue. You can always wear purple with blue denim fabrics.

Purple and Beige: Beige is a good way to highlight purple clothes and make a purple shirt or skirt the statement piece of your outfit.

Purple and Pink: These colors harmonize well with each other. The color combination also looks very girlish when you choose bright colors or pastel shades.

black and white always go well with dark purple

Purple and White: Together with white, purple plays the leading role in your outfit.

Purple and Black: You rarely go wrong with black. The combination with bright purple is very popular in the gothic scene. Black and light lavender are now often seen in streetwear outfits.

purple and black outfit for fall purple fur vest eyecatcher

Purple and Grey: If the combination of black and purple is too contrasting for your taste, you should choose grey instead. This combination will make your purple clothes shine.

what colors go with purple clothes grey and red

Color combinations for fancy outfits with purple

all purple outfit combination with black shoes and accessories

Purple and Purple: Since purple is one of the rarer colors in most wardrobes, an all-purple monochrome outfit is definitely eye-catching. But lighter and darker shades of purple worn together can create a very stylish look.

Purple and Red: This color combination has become increasingly popular in recent years. Limit your shoes or other clothing to black and beige.

red sweatshirt and purple pants go well

Purple and Green: You should avoid the combination of bright purple and green. But dark purple and emerald green, on the other hand, can give your outfit a royal feeling. Pastel green like mint goes well with lavender creating spring feelings.

do purple and green go together clothes lavender and mint
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eggplant purple goes well with emerald green
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Purple and Yellow: Yellow is the complementary color to purple and therefore forms the greatest contrast. Nevertheless, this combination can work if you keep accessories and shoes in muted colors.

what color goes good with dark purple - black and white

Purple and Orange: For some people, this combination doesn’t work at all, but many celebrities and fashion bloggers prove the opposite. In order not to remind you of a psychedelic wallpaper from the 70s, you should always choose modern looking clothes.

What to wear with purple tops?

jeans and converses go well with purple crom top

If you want to add some purple to your wardrobe, you should start with a simple top in this color. Purple t-shirts, tops or sweaters can be easily combined with blue, black or grey jeans and pants. The trendy color lavender, in particular, gives casual crop tops a feminine touch.

These colors go well with purple pants and skirts

white color shirt go well with purple pants and white shoes for spring

Purple pants and skirts are more difficult (but not impossible) to combine than black basics or blue jeans. When choosing your top, stick with plain white, grey, beige or black designs or printed tops that contain purple. For example, a blouse with a purple floral pattern can be combined with a purple skirt if the purples are similar. Various pastels like mint, blush and pastel yellow also go well with lavender purple.

How do you style and accessorize a purple dress?

black goes well with purple and yellow

Light purple dresses are a popular choice for bridesmaids and other wedding guests because the color matches the romantic occasion without being too intrusive. If you want to add some interest to the dress, you can also choose attractive details like off-the-shoulder-sleeves, a V-cut back or waist cut-outs.

what color shoes goes with purple dress here brown and black sandals

And what color of shoes goes with a purple dress? If you wear a dress in a bright purple shade, you can easily tone it down by choosing shoes and accessories with muted colors like black, nude, brown, silver-grey, and gold. Summer casual dresses in lavender purple go well with gold jewelry, basket bags, and espadrilles.

And as for the make-up, stick with neutral eyeshadows and dusty pink lipstick that bring freshness to the face! For a night out or just for adding a bolder effect, you can opt for red lipstick and red nail polish to a dark purple dress.

nail color pink goes with purple dress and silver jewelry

what color shirt goes with a purple skirt white
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dark purple skirt and lavender shirt
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beige white colour combination with light purple dress

black colour goes with purple dress

winter autumn outfit with lavender, beige and dark purple