Striped shirt outfits – What to wear with the basic tops

We love striped shirts! Because the striped basic tops are super comfortable and can be paired with almost anything. The nautical-looking cotton shirts in the classic combination of blue and white, black and white or red and white are real all-rounders in every girl’s wardrobe. Even Coco Chanel was a fan of striped shirts. No wonder, after all, they can be styled great with so many different outfits. Here, we will give you some tips on what to wear with these basic tops.

What pants to wear with a striped shirt?

red and white striped shirt outfit womens with high waisted blue jeans


An outfit that always works, looks great and is styled super fast: striped shirt and skinny, mom or bootcut jeans. Depending on which shoes and which jacket you wear with the striped shirt, the result is either a casual or an elegant look.

For an evening outfit or for work wear a simple striped shirt with a blazer. Pointed pumps or sandals also look great with it.

black and white striped shirt outfit with blue jeans and black leather jacket

You like it rockier? Then style a black and white striped tee with a black leather jacket. By the way, the currently very hip biker boots go with it. The combination of a striped top, jeans, and white sneakers is super casual and perfect for a relaxing day.

As for the color and wash of the jeans, you can decide completely free. Striped shirts go well with classic blue denim, but they also look great with black and white jeans.

For example, white pieces look best in a navy look with blue and white striped shirts, and black and white stripes look great with black jeans.

wear striped blouse with mom jeans for a casual style

Styling tip: To make your legs look long and slim in jeans, you should roll up your trouser legs up to your ankles. Also: Put your shirt loosely in the front of your pants – that looks particularly cool.

striped long sleeve navy blue and white sweater with white trousers for summer evenings

Fabric trousers

Stripe shirts not only look great in combination with jeans – but the cool basic pieces can also be styled wonderfully with comfortable culottes, cargo or paperbag pants. This looks nice and casual, but at the same time super elegant – especially if you also wear high heels.

And in combination with plain pleated trousers and a blazer, the striped shirt is even suitable for business.

black and white striped shirt outfit with sneakers and pink spring coat

How to wear a striped shirt with a skirt

The fashion professionals’ absolute favorite outfit: casual striped shirt with a playful pleated skirt or tulle skirt in midi or maxi length. Even a model made of delicate satin looks super stylish with the sporty top. The combination of a simple top and chic skirt is exciting and very trendy.

grey and white striped shirt outfit idea with red pleated skirt for summer

Styling tip: For high waisted skirts you should tuck the shirt into the skirt hem. This ensures a super slim silhouette. Also nice: If you knot the shirt together at the front, rather than tucking it in.

Stripes and other prints? Yes!

striped shirt outfit for summer with tropical printed wide leg pants

The striped shirt can not only be combined with plain colored pieces. Street style girls like to mix their favorite piece with other prints like polka dots, flowers or check patterns.

Important for pattern styling: Bottom and top should come from the same color family. If you mix different prints, the colors should be as neutral as possible.

striped shirt outfit with blazer for work black and white

striped shirt outfit one shoulder with black skirt

black and white striped tee with black skirt for summer

vertical striped blouse with high waisted paperbag skirt for work

striped shirt outfit casual style with black pants and denim jacket

black and white striped shirt outfit ideas with grey jeans and black leather jacket