Are you looking to add some edge to your wardrobe? Combat boots and skirts are a perfect combination for creating an edgy yet feminine look. Whether you’re headed out on the town or just want something different for everyday wear, this outfit is sure to turn heads. Here’s how you can rock this trend!

How to Wear a Tulle Skirt and Combat Boots

tulle skirt with combat boots paired with leather jacket and brown turtleneck sweater
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If you prefer more of an edgier look, opt for boots with studs or buckles; if classic is more up your alley, choose ones without any embellishments. Next, pick out the perfect tulle skirt – length and color will depend on what type of vibe you want to go for; midi-length in white or cream looks great when paired with combat boots! To complete the ensemble, throw on a basic top like a beige t-shirt or sweater along with some statement jewelry pieces such as chunky necklaces and earrings. You can also layer over it by adding a leather jacket depending on weather conditions outside too!

Style with a pleated skirt

midi pleated skirt with combat boots for winter
Pexels/ Alesia Kozik

Combat boots are a great way to add an edgy touch to your winter wardrobe. They look especially stylish when paired with a midi pleated skirt for a chic, yet comfortable outfit. To make the most of this look, choose combat boots in black or brown that have laces and chunky soles for maximum warmth and comfort during cold weather months. For the skirt, pick one in neutral colors like gray, brown or navy blue, so it can easily be matched with any top you want to wear! Finally, complete your ensemble by adding some cozy accessories such as scarves or hats for extra protection from the elements.

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Satin Skirt with Combat Boots

silver satin skirt and black sweater with combat boots
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The combination of the sleek satin skirt and tough combat boots gives off an effortless cool vibe that can easily be dressed up or down depending on what accessories you choose to pair it with. A classic black sweater adds some extra warmth during cooler months, while also providing an easy way to bring the look together without being overly flashy or bold. You can always switch things up by adding different colors and textures such as plaid scarves, chunky jewelry pieces, leather jackets etc.

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long satin skirt with combat boots
Instagram @aylin_koenig

Knit Pencil Skirt and Combat Boots

midi knit pencil skirt with sweater and combat boots
Pexels/ Meruyert Gonullu

The combination of a pencil skirt and combat boots makes for the perfect look for any occasion. The knit pencil skirt gives off an elegant vibe while still being able to show off your personality through its unique pattern and texture. Plus, if it has a slit up one side, then it adds even more flair (and coolness) as well! To complete this look, pairing it with some chic combat boots helps give off that edgy feel without going too over-the-top.

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midi pencil knit skirt and combat boots paired with raincoat
Pexels/ Mihai Vlasceanu

Midi Floral Skirt

midi floral skirt with cream cropped sweater and black combat boots
Pexels / jasmin chew

This combination of a midi floral skirt with a cream cropped sweater and black combat boots gives off casual-chic vibes that are perfect for any day out with friends or running errands around town. The neutral colors of the top and shoes help balance out the bold pattern in the skirt, so it doesn’t overpower your outfit too much – plus they go together really well!

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Grunge style

black combat boots and mini leather skirt outfit
Pexels/ Joshua Roberts

Are you looking for a unique and edgy outfit that will make a statement? Look no further than the classic grunge look of combat boots, leather skirt, and net stockings. This timeless combination has been seen on fashion runways around the world and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Taking inspiration from the punk idols of the 70s, the mini skirt is perfect for an underground-style look when paired with black combat boots.

combat boots and net stockings for grunge outfit

Plaid skirt with combat boots

mini plaid skirt with combat boots
Pexels/ Stephanie Lima

We adore plaid skirts – from minis to midis, and from classic to extravagant styles. Paired with some sturdy boots, it’s the fashion trend of the winter season. This trend was all over the runways for the autumn/winter season, from the classic kilt to maxi skirts with pleats and bold cuts. Designers paired them with cardigans, silk blouses, and turtleneck sweaters.

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can combat boots be business casual
Pexels/ Stephanie Lima

Yes, combat boots can be business casual! The trick is to pair them with the right items. For example, a nice blazer and dress pants look great with a pair of low-profile combat boots. You could also try wearing them with an oxford shirt and khakis for a more relaxed look. When paired with the right skirt, you can create a chic yet comfortable ensemble that is perfect for the office. Whether it’s an A-line or pleated midi skirt in neutral tones or bold colors. With the right accessories like scarves or jewelry, your outfit will still be professional while adding some edgy flair.

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Mini Leather Skirt with Combat Boots

Mini Leather Skirt with Combat Boots outfit
Pexels/ Ramses Martinez

A mini leather high-waisted skirt with combat boots is a great way to add some edge and attitude to your look. The combination of the tough, edgy combat boots with the sleek sophistication of a leather skirt creates an outfit that is both stylish and unique. You can dress it up or down depending on where you’re going – pair it with a tucked in eye-catching blouse for a night out or throw on an oversized graphic tee for more casual occasions. Either way, this combo will make sure you stand out!

outfit for night out with leather skirt
Pexels/ Ramses Martinez
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