Princess Diana is one of the greatest fashion icons of our time. Not only all her life she has been setting trends with her stylings. Even today her looks serve as fashion inspiration for many. One of them is the “High Socks and Sneakers” styling that has taken Instagram by storm.

The mid-calf high socks sneakers trend

mid calf socks trend back in fashion

The time for sandals is officially over. In autumn we like to style chic sneakers with a simple outfit. Now you can add an eye-catcher to your outfit: mid-calf high socks also called crew socks. These are taller than ankle socks and are often worn around the mid-calf. So say goodbye to the tiny ankle socks and make a real fashion statement with long socks this fall. (By the way, you can also check out this sneaker trend for 2020.)

The styling is not new, because Lady Di already had exactly this look in the 90s. Yes, you got it right. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was not only known for her chic dresses and pantsuits but was also a real trendsetter with her casual and sporty outfits, especially in terms of street style.

90s outfit cycling shorts and sneakers with long socks

Meanwhile, her leisure statement look is copied by more and more stars. Just like Diana back then, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Halsey, Kourtney Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have all been seen rocking the stylish high socks sneakers combo. Especially popular are white tennis socks with brand logo plus white sneaker models.

What to wear to a mid-calf socks outfit?

mid calf socks and sneakers outfit cycling shorts and hoodie

And how to style the rest of the outfit with mid-calf socks? You have quite a choice. On warmer days, you can combine sneaker styling with cycling shorts and an XL shirt, but an oversized sweatshirt also looks really cool here. If it’s colder, you can also complement your outfit with mom jeans. Everything that underlines the 90s feeling is perfect. To add a little more chic to the mid-calf socks outfit, you can also pair it with a long autumn coat. It’s really fashionable combination, as Diana herself proves on this photo:

The mid-calf high socks sneakers trend from the 90s

More sneaker-and-sock outfit ideas

white crew socks to black trainers and mom jeans

white sneakers with high socks and mom jeans 90s outfit

sneakers with socks how to wear for 90s style

90s outfit with cargo pants adidas sneakers with black mid calf socks

chunky sneakers with pastel pink high socks

nike sneakers with long purple socks

90s socks and sneakers outfit in white

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