5 great beanie alternatives that prevent hat hair

When it gets really cold in the winter, wool beanies are our most faithful companion. There are many more cozy winter accessories that keep warm and don’t mess up your hair. We show you five great beanie alternatives that provide some variety and still protect you from wind and bad weather.

beanie alternatives for winter french beret stylish in red

Non-beanie alternatives # 1 Berets

The first of our beanie alternatives is the good old beret. Corn oui! Heard right. This winter, the classic French hat is back. Luckily! Because the charming winter accessory is fashionable, timeless and versatile. Whether with or without the pompom, in black or blue, from wool or leather – every outfit gets instantly a dose of French chic thanks to the beret.

winter accessories wool beige beret

# 2 Baker Boy Hats

They are the absolute trend: Baker-Boy hats. The stylish sailor caps, which in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were considered men’s business and were worn only by workers and craftsmen, are available nowadays in all imaginable colors and shapes, sometimes in leather or with maritime stripes. They do not go over the ears, but protect your hair wonderfully from wind and rain. In addition, the Baker Boy caps spice up every simple outfit and make all Bad Hair Days bearable.

beanie alternatives winter hat for women Baker Boy Hat stylish outfit with leo coat

bakers boy hat with pattern and chain embellishments

# 3 Headbands

Knit headbands are also a great alternative to beanies. Because they keep you warm, protect your ears, but do not make your hair so flat. Another advantage: You can also wear it wonderfully with a top knot or high ponytail. In contrast to the headbands from our youth, they are a lot more stylish this season. Whether embellished with beads or sequins or tied as a bow on the forehead – they look perfect with any outfit.

beanie alternative that keeps warm knitted headband winter hairstyle top knot

winter knit headband in dark red keeps warm and don't mess up hair

# 4 Wool felt hats

It is the classic must-have among all hats: the wool felt Fedora hat. Not without reason! It enhances every simple outfit and adds a distinct elegance. And it’s just for everyone. Whether with a small or large brim, black, camel brown or dark red – the wool felt hat belongs to every fashionista’s wardrobe!

fedora hat wool felt in black stylish winter accessory

winter autumn outfit merlot red dress with black overknee boots coat and black fedora hat

# 5 Bucket Hats

The hated Bucket Hats from our childhood come back this season. Those who are brave can wear them in neon colors or with wild patterns. But if you like it simple and classic, you should choose a black fisherman’s hat. They are also made of leather or come with a trendy check pattern.

winter hat stylish bucket hat in black

bucket hat autumn outfit for women