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Here is everything you need to know to feel good and be in great shape. The term workout describes a physical training with specific exercises. In this sense, Yoga is also a workout. With regard to the individual goal, the choice of workout also changes: for losing belly fat, building muscle or just for fun? The intensity of the workout, the composition of the exercises, the number and repetition as well as the use of aids such as dumbbells, ropes or stretch bands are all determined by this. Any training with your own weight is particularly effective. A workout can consist of gymnastic exercises such as Pilates or Yoga or also of strength exercises such as abdominal, leg and bottom exercises as well as various back exercises. A workout always serves to increase fitness. The correct execution is the most important thing. Three times twelve repetitions of the pole push with the wrong technique do more harm than good. Workout always means: Getting the muscles slowly used to the movement without weight, then increasing the load.

Many beginners make the first mistake right at the beginning of the training: they jump head over heels onto the equipment or into the running shoes without being clear about their goals and their level of training. Failures and bad mood are so already programmed at the start. Our experts are always asked why the pounds do not melt or the muscles do not grow, even though you train a lot.

If the goal is flat stomach, you need different pulse rates and training times than with a cardio training plan. Fat burning can be achieved through longer training times with a low pulse rate or through interval training with high intensity. has the right training plan for every goal.