Wetlights: The new freehand hair highlighting technique

A fresh touch for the hair colour without damaging it? Especially between two hairdressing appointments, it is often exactly what we need. Wetlights now are a real help! We show you how the hair highlighting technique works and why it is so special.

The hair highlighting trend 2020: What are wetlights?

wetlights hair highlighting technique for less damage

Those who like soft accents will absolutely love wetlights! In contrast to usual highlights, they don’t give the hair a completely different look, but emphasize the naturalness and radiance of the hair – no matter if brown or blonde. Hard contours and eye-catching highlights are eliminated – the hair gets a soft structure and new shine. And there is another advantage of the hyped hair highlighting technique: in contrast to usual highlights, wetlights can be conjured into the hair much, much faster. How does it work? Very simple: The colour is not applied to dry hair, but to wet hair!

Which technique is used to color wetlights?

hair highlighting ideas for blondes wetlights

Correctly heard! The hair must be wet. Then the hair colour is applied using a freehand technique. This means that the highlights are adjusted to the customer’s needs and not painted according to a fixed pattern. The effect is most beautiful when the hair is first combed backwards. This enables the hairdresser to easily reach the hairline in the front area so that the result looks very natural.

What are the advantages of wetlights?

hair highlighting for black hair wetlights idea for brunettes

The wetlights have several advantages over the traditional hair highlighting techniques. Applying colour to wet hair means that the water encourages the cuticles to open. This is the outer layer of the hair. This allows the lightener to penetrate the hair faster and must, therefore, be applied for a shorter time. Depending on the condition of the hair, the procedure takes between 5 and 15 minutes. The result is also different from normal highlights. Hair feels softer and looks glossier. The “no-color colour” finish lasts as long as usual highlights.

hair highlighting technique wetlights on light brown hair

hair highlighting hacks applying lightener on wet hair