Have you indulged in the tantalizing world of chocolate cherry hair color? This delectable shade is more than just a name; it’s a rich, dark reddish-brown trend that’s set to dominate the style scene. It is the flavor of the season, destined to make waves in fall and winter. 

What does chocolate cherry hair color looks like?

dark reddish brown chocolate cherry hair color balayage

Chocolate cherry hair color is a deep brown with hints of red throughout it. It looks like melted dark chocolate combined with bright cherries – hence the name! The best part about this shade is that it can be customized according to your individual skin tone and preferences. You can choose from light or dark variations, depending on how subtle or dramatic you want your look to be.

chocolate cherry hair color stacked bob

Brown cherry looks especially great when paired with an edgy cut or style like a pixie or stacked bob. It can also be used as a balayage effect if you prefer something more subtle yet still eye-catching.

What is the difference between chocolate cherry and burgundy hair color? Burgundy hair color is a deeper red shade. It also has a more purple undertone, while brown cherry hair color has a more brown undertone.

Dua Lipa: A Style Icon Rocking Chocolate Cherry

dua lipa rocking reddish brown hair color
Instagram @dualipa

Join the ranks of trendsetters as you draw inspiration from none other than Dua Lipa, who effortlessly rocks the gorgeous reddish-brown hue. The global pop sensation showcases how this trend can be both edgy and elegant, proving that chocolate cherry is more than just a color — it’s a statement.

Is chocolate cherry hair color a good choice for me?

chocolate cherry reddish brown on dark hair and olive skin

Will chocolate cherry red suit your unique skin tone? It is a particularly good choice for people with warm skin tones, as the red undertones in the color will help to enhance their complexion. However, it can also look beautiful on people with cool skin tones, as the dark brown base will help to balance out their complexion.

For those with warm undertones seeking a flattering contrast, opt for reds infused with a hint of violet, resulting in a mesmerizing cherry mahogany hair color. Alternatively, if cool undertones are in play, amplify the richness of brown hues with a touch of neutral red, offering that perfect dose of warmth for an extra radiant look.

How do I achieve chocolate cherry hair color at home?

chocolate cherry hair dye at home
Canva/ Daniel Gonzalez

Curious if you can get that stunning brown cherry in the comfort of your home? Here are some brands that offer cherry chocolate hair dye:

  1. Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor: This permanent hair dye comes in a shade called “Chocolate Cherry” (452), which is a dark reddish brown with subtle hints of cherry.
  2. John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: This permanent hair dye comes in a shade called “Deep Cherry Brown” (3VR), which is a rich and vibrant cherry brown.
  3. Schwarzkopf SIMPLY COLOR: This permanent hair dye comes in a shade called “Chocolate Cherry” (4.68), which is a rich, dark chocolate brown with subtle hints of cherry.
  4. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye: This semi-permanent hair dye comes in a shade called “Chocolate Cherry” (Burgundy Red)
  5. L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color: This permanent hair dye comes in a shade called “Chocolate Cherry” (36), which is a deep burgundy brown with subtle hints of cherry.

These are just a few of the many brands that offer cherry chocolate hair dye. The best way to find the perfect shade for you is to experiment with different brands and colors.

How to mix cherry chocolate hair color?

How to mix cherry chocolate hair color formula

Are you a professional hair colorist? Achieving the ideal chocolate cherry shade lies in your ability to customize your client’s hair color service. Creating the trendy hair color involves combining specific shades to achieve the desired result. Here’s a basic formula to mix a cherry chocolate hair color:

1. Base Color: Dark Chocolate Brown
Choose a dark chocolate brown shade as the base color. This will serve as the foundation for the cherry chocolate hue.
2. Red Undertone: Red Mahogany or Red Brown
Add a small amount of red mahogany or red brown to the dark chocolate brown to introduce a reddish undertone. This will contribute to the cherry tone.
3. Intense Red Highlights: Red Copper
For added depth and richness, mix in a touch of red copper. This will create vibrant red highlights within the cherry chocolate color.
4. Developer: 20 Volume
Use a 20-volume developer to ensure proper lift and coverage. It helps in opening the hair cuticle to allow the color to penetrate and cover gray hairs, if any. The 20 volume developer is suitable for situations where you want to lighten the hair by a couple of levels without dramatically changing the natural hair color. In the case of cherry chocolate, this volume helps in revealing the richness of the dark chocolate brown base without excessive lightening. Adjust the developer based on the specific brand’s recommendations.

Example Proportions:
Dark Chocolate Brown: 2 parts
Red Mahogany or Red Brown: 1 part
Red Copper: 0.5 parts

Adjust the proportions based on your desired intensity. Always follow the specific instructions provided by the hair color product you’re using, and conduct strand tests to preview the result before applying it to your entire hair.

Please note that individual hair types and starting colors can influence the final result, so it’s advisable to consult with a professional colorist for personalized advice.

How long does chocolate cherry hair color last?

chocolate cherry hair color short haircut bob with hazel eyes

Chocolate cherry hair color will last for several weeks to several months, depending on the type of dye you use and how often you wash your hair. Permanent hair dye will last the longest, while demi-permanent and temporary dyes will fade more quickly.

What is the best way to maintain chocolate cherry hair color?

chocolate cherry hair color with honey highlights

Once you’ve achieved that perfect cherry brown hair, the next question is, how do you keep it looking as vibrant as day one? To maintain your brown red hair color, be sure to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. You should also avoid using heat styling tools too often, as this can damage your hair and cause the color to fade. If your color starts to fade, you can use a color-depositing conditioner or shampoo to refresh it.

What is the best makeup to wear with chocolate cherry hair color?

chocolate cherry hair color on black hair

It is best to keep your makeup simple and natural. You can try a nude lipstick or a light blush, and you should avoid using too much eyeshadow.

The allure of chocolate cherry hair color extends beyond its name, emerging as a captivating trend poised to dominate the style landscape. This rich, dark reddish-brown hue, reminiscent of melted dark chocolate intermingled with bright cherries, offers a customizable palette to suit diverse preferences and skin tones.

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