What’s Brow lamination and how long does the treatment last?

You are blessed with full brows, but their care and styling take far too much time every day? Then a brow lamination could be the ideal solution for you. Learn more about this beauty treatment!

What is brow lamination?

what's brow lamination treatment

An eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment in which the eyebrow hairs are enriched with nutrients, shaped, and then sealed. They are first brushed to the side and upwards. The eyebrows look as if they have been lifted (which is why some also refer to the treatment as eyebrow lifting). Then a keratin lamination is carried out, in which the shaped hairs are fixed – and stay in this way for several weeks. So you save yourself any styling during this time!

*Celebs with brow lamination: Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Dua Lipa, and Cara Delevigne

Brow lamination benefits:

  • The eyebrows look more voluminous
  • They are maintained and built up from the inside
  • The brows shine
  • They are sealed and protected
  • They can look more symmetrical
  • Stubborn hairs are tamed
  • They turn out less and can grow longer

how long does brow lamination last

Who is brow lamination good for?

The eyebrow lamination fits perfectly with the current trend of full brows. So if you have naturally well-grown hairs over your eyes that only need to be shaped a little, but are otherwise quite full, then this treatment is ideal for you. You no longer have to comb your eyebrows into shape every day, as they are permanently fixed as if by an eyebrow angel.

However, if you are one of the women who have sparsely grown or thin brows, keratin lamination will not help you much. Bald spots can at most be combed over with neighboring hairs, but whether this look is satisfactory in the end is questionable. However, you can achieve fuller brows by microblading.

brow lamination before and after how much does the treatment cost

How does eyebrow lamination work?

An eyebrow lamination is absolutely painless and takes about 40 to 60 minutes. 24 hours before the application, you should avoid cosmetic products, creams, or serums on your brows so that they are as clean as possible.


  1. Skin and eyebrows are first cleaned, disinfected, and degreased in order to free them from make-up residues.
  2. Now a tincture is applied, which softens the hairs so that they can be brushed more easily.
  3. The eyebrow stylist then determines the shape of your brows and they are combed in the appropriate directions.
  4. If your brows are to be tinted, then this is done in this step.
  5. Now the actual lamination comes in, by applying a keratin gel that simultaneously nourishes the hairs from the inside and protects them from the outside.
  6. After this has hardened, all excess residues are removed and stray hairs plucked.

brow lamination before and after how long does it last

To ensure that the eyebrow lamination lasts as long as possible, you should not let your brows come into contact with water, dirt, or make-up in the 24 hours after the treatment. Then your brows are smudge-proof and waterproof!

Aftercare at home for the first 24 hours:
– no water and steam on the face or on the eyebrows
– no sauna or solarium visit
– no brow serum
– oily creams should be avoided
– only use oil-free make-up removal products
– Avoid rubbing and pulling on the brow
– cosmetic products with urea, organic solvents or high alcohol concentration can impair the effect

brow lamination before and after

How much does brow lamination cost?

The eyebrow lamination is quite “cheap” compared to other beauty treatments on eyelashes or brows: It costs between $55 and $110 (40 – 60 £ in the UK), depending on the salon. However, it only lasts up to four-six weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your hair. However, you can easily repeat the treatment every few weeks if it is financially worth it – or continue to use the eyebrow gel and comb.

How often do you need brow lamination?

The treatment can be repeated every 2-3 weeks.

keratin brow lamination lasts up to 4 weeks

Is brow lamination damaging?

No, eyebrows cannot be damaged by proper use of the keratin treatment. Since the eyebrow hairs renew themselves every few weeks, they become stronger or weaker from time to time. This is due to your own organism and related hormonal processes.

Can you have brow lamination when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Eyebrow lamination is not performed if the following occurs during this period:

  • Colds, runny nose and fever;
  • Eye diseases in the form of conjunctivitis or barley.
  • It is not recommended to perform the procedure during pregnancy, as the body’s response can be unpredictable.

brow lamination treatment before and after on thin brows blonde

Although it is preferable to go to the beauty salon for the procedure, this can be done at home, too – you just have to buy a special brow lamination kit. In order to be satisfied with the result, not to be disappointed or to burst into tears if everything goes wrong, it is better to go to the salon for the first time, where an expert explains and shows you the procedure.